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Oct 252011
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nokia sea ray windows phone

Buy the Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone

The Nokia “Sea Ray” phones are thought to be among the first Windows Mobile Phones from Nokia. The new Windows Phones will use a chassis similar to Nokia’s N9, which was just unveiled in June 2011.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have high hopes for the new smartphones and Windows Mobile 7.5 is a make or break OS for the largest software company and the largest handset maker. If Nokia want’s to remain one of the largest phone manufacturers they need to dazzle the industry with the hardware side of these new Windows Phone. Release date for these phones has not been announced but you can count on reviews of Windows Phones from the team here at Zune MAX.

Windows Phone 7 is an excisting mobile phone operating system and blogging about gadgets and smartphones is just too much fun.

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The Best Free WordPress Themes for your Blog

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Apr 232010
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Zune MAX became a WordPress powered blog way back in 2006 when we first came online and since that day we have gone through a number of great wp themes including the one we are currently running. Some of the best wordpress themes are free and although you can buy some nice wp themes from custom them designers they are not necessary for a succesful blog.

Once your blog becomes poular you might want to put down some cash for paid wp themes but with so many nice free wp themes to chose from there seems little point. I personally have not changed the theme on this WordPress blog in more than a year and the reason might be because I have modified this theme to suit my blog needs and making those changes to a new wp theme would be a major hassle for me at this time.

There are lot of wp themes sites on the web but WpRex.com has some pretty sweet looking themes for your blog and once again they are free. Hot new themes such as Sonica and Lucent Mag are SEO optimized and ready for you to manage your blog with all the hot new features you expect from todays top blogs.

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Zune MAX Version 3.0

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Mar 062008
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I am rebuilding the ZuneMAX database and getting rid of some of the unused features of our site. During the process you may notice things chaing rapidly and errors popping up as I modify the new template and create a more fluid look for the new site.

I will be looking for some writing partners who want to write about their Zune players. If you own a Zune and would like to discuss a position writing for ZuneMAX.com please contact me for more details.

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What is Zune and Zune MAX?

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Jun 092007
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Zune players now come in five colors and new players rumored to be released soon.
Free Wallpapers in the Zune gallery and
Free Zune Tech Support in the Zune Forums.

Zune is to be a family of wireless media devices from Microsoft that allow users to play and share music, movies and pictures. The first generation plays music and video with features like an industry leading 3 inch large screen on a 30GB hard drive model with a wireless chip which permits Zune to Zune music sharing. ZuneMAX was one of the first Zune blogs and community forums online since June 11, 2006 with just about everything you ever wanted to know about the Microsoft Zune and the Zune MarketPlace beginning with our news blog below or in the Zune message boards.

Zune wireless players are made for sharing and so is ZuneMAX.com. File uploads and downloads and music sharing are encouraged and we share loads of new music and video content from the top of the charts to up and coming artists and unsigned bands or musicians including new stuff from our fan base in the Zune forums. Join the Zune forums today and enter to Win a Free Zune in our next Zune Giveaways.

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New Zune Artist – Chris Brown

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Feb 242007
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Zune MAX is all about the Zune and music and we’ve been featuring tons of new artists for our Zune fans around the world. Someone suggested to me I take a look at a hot new artist in one Mr. Chris Brown. According to IdolMe.com Chris Brown has been working in the music industry since the young age of 16 and he is a multi talented young man. He not only was the first male solo artist to have a hit single debut at the top of the Billboard charts but he also produces work for other top artists in the music industry such as Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri.

Chris has been busy on a nationwide tour that has sold millions tickets and brought him to major cities across America and around the world to perform his top hits like “Run It”, “Gimme That, Yo” (Excuse Me Miss), and of course his latest smash hit “Say Goodbye”. Chris is a straight up lady killer and very popular with the girls. His music is featured just about all over the place and you find Chris Brown mp3 downloads and Chris Brown ringtones online for your cell phone.

It looks like Chris Brown is a serious artist with a bright future in the music industry and someone to watch out for.
Chris is being compared to some of the top artists in the industry including Usher, Tevin Campbell and even Michael Jackson. Chris is very well known for his own unique style and flavor and a booming sound that has made him a rising international hip hop star.

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Zune MAX is looking for a few good Zune bloggers to help

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Dec 282006
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Do you blog? Do you have a Zune? How would you like to be a Zune blogger for the one of the webs leading Zune bloigs? Well no is your chance because ZuneMAX.com is in search of a few good bloggers to help us manage all the articles that need to be wrritten about Zune players and accessories.

If you think you can blog and are willing to work cheap :) then you are invited to Contact Us about blogging for Zune MAX. Join the webs coolest blog team and help us “Take your Zune to the MAX”

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Protected: ZuneMAX Bloggers

Nov 272006
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Zune sites Astroturfing? Not here at ZuneMAX.com

Nov 172006
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As ZuneMAX.com has become more popular the number of critics has increased as well. On occasion I have received random emails and now comments in blog posts about Zune MAX being astroturf. The
first time I heard about astroturfing was from these emails. According to Wikipedia astroturfing is as follows:

In politics and advertising, the term astroturfing describes formal public relations (PR) campaigns which seek to create the impression of being a spontaneous, grassroots behavior. Hence the reference to the “AstroTurf” (artificial grass) is a metaphor to indicate “fake grassroots” support.

ZuneMAX.com is not astroturf because we lack the "formal public relations" tangent and whether you can believe it or not we are in fact a genuine "spontaneous grassroots behavior". Until the day before the Zune launch I had never been given one single thing from Microsoft except a link on Zuneinsider.com and an interview with Dave Caulton and Bill Wittress which they offered to every Zune fan in the universe. When I was invited to attend the free concert on the beach to cover the event for the real PR campaign I was given a tshirt by a chick in the bar across the street because I chased her down for one and at the end of the evening myself and three friends were treated to dinner with a few others by the Microsoft representative as thanks for our help that day. I had a Chicken Cesaer salad and two rum and cokes, my friends kicked a few beers and seafood on "Uncle Bill". I’m gonna give the tshirt to a Zune fan in the forums. We talked Zune and Xbox over a meal and a drink on the beach. We talked as much about the beach the people and the weather as we did Zune. No secrets, no gifts, no promises and no information beyond whats publically known except that Microsoft is supposed to send me a Zune to review someday.

I passed out $200 worth of my own promotional materials to people on the beach to build our Zune community free to Microsoft because I am having fun with the community and I want to see it flourish. One might think they would offer some support to Zune fans but maybe they are smarter than that and see no reason to because they know that fans will exist on their own. I have not seen Microsoft do anything for this site more than what I have admitted to above. If it exists its anonymous and pretty stealth because I simply do not see it, at least not here.

ZuneMAX.com is a fan site which can easily be construed as astroturf because of my real interest but its not. I’m not making a conscious effort to sway opinion nor am I a Microsoft fanboy. If I were this site would not be built almost exclusively on open source software like WordPress.org and SimpleMachines.org and I most likely would not program in PHP using a MySql database on my FreeBSD / Apache webserver.

I do run a PC with XP because Windows is what I learned on and its a superior business tool that runs a variety of applications most linux toys can’t run. This PC does not have Word or any other Office application installed on it except Frontpage which I used back in 1998 for web dev and still keep around for some reason. I run Openoffice.org for office productivity and I run Firefox exclusively. I only keep IE installed and up to date for testing my sites which I often times neglect. This is why my design looks like crap in IE most of the time. I build for Firefox now and I let IE users suffer their own choice.

I use Thunderbird for email and cannot stand bloatware like Outlook. Microsoft software often times does too much for the average user. This causes bloated code and heavy applications. I think they should break software apps up into much smaller modules that can be installed individually based on need by the end user. I am not a coder but a 10 year pc/internet veteran and I think they should reduce the amount of code by giving me exactly what I need which I feel is what Firefox does best. I have dozens of extensions that do exactly what I need them to do and its sweet.

is awesome and if you are not using it you are missing out.

I own a black Zune that I paid $267 for because I was actually interested in the device. No mess about it I bought 10 domains on July 11 and built this site on the same day with the thoughts of capitalizing on this Zune announcement and Microsofts investment. I became a fan of the device after learning more about it and primarily after my articles on the future of the Zune DRM which I need to update soon because I have so many more ideas about where Zune can go its amazing. I see Zune more for what it can be later then what it is today.

We have all seen enough open the box Zune reviews. I have not owned a portable music player since my Sony Walkman Cassette player back so long ago. I’m not a tech guy or a gadget head or an audiophile of any sorts. I like music and I think the Zune is a cool player with innovative features. I’ve had mine now a few days and I’m taking my time to write a thorough and honest review from a novices viewpoint. I’m a first time mp3 player owner schooled on the Windows platform and an original Xbox owner. I think I fall into the demograpohics of most likely Zune buyers but I’m not a fanboy.

I’ll write an honest review of my Zune experience for the community that’s been built around my interest in the device. I’ll tell you what I like and what I dislike in a fair and objective fashion with the hopes I can help some fans learn more about the player so they can make a better informed choice when they are ready to buy. You can buy just about anything you want through our relationships with Amazon and Walmart including a Zune, an iPod or the many other devices on the market. If we’re lucky Microsoft, Apple and the others will listen to us and make improvements on all sides. In the end its best for consumers and that’s us, the regular people who actually buy these things.

The political implications of Astroturfing are scary to say the least. The capabilities to sway public opinion are a powerful mechanism and all of us should be aware of who controls the grass we walk on. Astroturfing exists and its a nasty thing by any description but it’s not happening here, at least not yet. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on further developments :)


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