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Zune to Expand Multiscreen Entertainment Services Into International Markets

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Jul 102012
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Zune to Expand Multiscreen Entertainment Services Into International Markets
Sept. 20, 2010
Major entertainment companies provide music and movie catalog to the U.K., France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

REDMOND, Wash. — Sep. 20, 2010 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the further international expansion of Zune, its digital entertainment service. This fall, Zune will expand its music and video footprint and bring the free Zune software, Zune Marketplace online store, Zune Pass1 music subscription service and enhanced features on Zune.net to new markets, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience on Windows-based PCs, on the go with Windows Phone 7 and in your living room through Xbox LIVE.2

“The integration between Zune, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE is an exciting expansion in our entertainment offerings,” said Craig Eisler, corporate vice president, Interactive Entertainment Business Group at Microsoft. “Zune enables users to access the entertainment they want, wherever they want it — and now, more people than ever will be able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that the Zune service offers.”

Zune software has been upgraded with new features and functionality and will serve as the Windows Phone 7 synchronization client. The new software (version 4.7) will be available to download for free in more than 20 countries, including the U.K., France, Italy, Germany and Spain, to easily manage your personal collection of movies, music, podcasts and pictures. Zune software continues to set the standard for entertainment software, providing best-in-class experiences to organize, discover and enjoy digital media with a variety of exclusive features. For example, the Quickplay menu enables immediate access to recently played content and personal favorites, and Smart DJ 3 automatically creates playlists from your personal music collection and takes the extra step of mixing in suggested music from the Zune Marketplace. The updated Zune software will also enable instant streaming of high-definition movies, allowing you to watch some Zune Marketplace movies in HD, with no download time, directly on a Windows PC.

Zune Marketplace online store is accessible from within the Zune software and offers the ability to purchase millions of individual songs or albums from its catalog, all in MP3 format. Here, consumers can also subscribe to Zune Pass,4 which provides unlimited downloads and music streaming capabilities from the Zune music library, including content from major music labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music and Warner Music Group, as well as thousands of independent labels. Zune Marketplace also has a large library of videos from major studios such as Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution for purchase or rental. Video purchases will be accessible through Xbox LIVE and Windows-based PCs, and can also be added to a Windows Phone 7. Simply buy your favorite video from Zune Marketplace and watch it on the screen of your choice.9

Zune.net is the perfect resource for consumers as it allows them to download the software and set up a Zune account with a new or existing Windows Live ID.5 Zune.net will also provide Web access to Zune Marketplace so you can purchase music or use a Zune Pass to stream music directly through an Internet browser,6 as well as purchase video content.7

Zune Expansion to New Markets

As Zune expands internationally, its music and video service will be tailored for each market. Genre experts will custom program Zune Marketplace and feature the top songs, videos, movies and unique promotions for each country.

The fall 2010 international expansion of the Zune music and video service includes the following:

Zune Marketplace will extend services to several markets in Europe and beyond.

  • Zune Pass (U.K., France, Italy and Spain). The monthly music subscription service will be available for 9.99 euros /8.99 pounds per month for unlimited download and streaming access to the Zune music catalog and will be accessible on Windows-based PCs, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE. The offer in the U.S. will remain at $14.99 per month for unlimited downloads and streaming access, with the ability to keep 10 MP3s per month.8
  • Music purchase (U.K., France, Italy, Spain and Germany). Expansion to these markets will enable consumers to purchase MP3s and listen on their Windows-based PC, Windows Phone 7 or any other device that supports MP3 format. Users will also be able to purchase music videos to enjoy on Windows-based PC, Windows Phone 7 and Zune on Xbox LIVE.
  • Video purchase (U.K., France, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).Consumers will now be able to purchase movies to download and watch anywhere — on the big screen in the living room with Xbox LIVE or their Windows-based PC as well as sync it to their Windows Phone 7 to enjoy on the go.9
  • Movie rental (U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand). In addition to Zune video on Xbox LIVE, consumers in these countries will now be able to rent movies for viewing on their Windows-based PC or choose to sync the rental to their Windows Phone 7.

The global expansion of the service is the latest step in a series of milestones for Zune, including powering Bing music search results, the added ability to purchase music and video on Zune.net, and the forthcoming integration with Xbox LIVE and Kinect for Xbox 360. By continuing to integrate Zune across the most important screens to consumers, Zune provides an all-in-one music and video service for users to discover, enjoy and experience their entertainment wherever they want.

About Zune

Zune is Microsoft’s music and video entertainment service that provides an integrated digital experience across Zune devices, Windows-based PCs, Xbox LIVE and Windows Phone 7. The Zune platform includes a line of portable digital media players, elegant software, the Zune Marketplace and Zune.net online stores, the Zune Social online music community created to help people discover music, and the ZuneOriginals.net online media player customization store. More information can be found online at http://www.zune.net/en-us/press.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

1 Zune Pass available in U.K., France, Italy and Spain.

2 Zune Pass on Xbox 360 requires an Xbox LIVE Gold membership and a Zune Pass subscription.

3 Only available with Zune Pass.

4 Zune Pass is a music subscription; some Zune Marketplace songs and content are not available via Zune Pass. Available content may vary over time.

5 For cross-screen functionality, the same Windows Live ID needs to be used on the Zune software, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE accounts.

6 Internet browser support for Silverlight required.

7 Service features may vary based on market availability.

8 Keep 10 MP3s per month feature available to U.S. Zune Pass subscribers only, on their PC or Windows Phone 7.

9 Content available for download on multiple devices may vary over time. Availability of content and video resolution will vary by device.

Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at http://www.microsoft.com/news.Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at http://www.microsoft.com/news/contactpr.mspx.

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Looks like Xbox.com will be the hub for all things Microsoft

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Jul 032011
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As Microsoft works to consolidate their services it is becoming apparent that things entertainment will most likely center around Xbox.com with Games for Windows and Zune Pass music services all incorporated into their popular gaming platform. It really is the best move for Microsoft to have all the services available in one centralized shop and the Xbox brand is the strongest of them all so it was an obvious choice as well for content delivery considering it’s roll as trojan horse in your living room.


There’s a good chance that Microsoft plans to incorporate the Games for Windows Marketplace and the Windows Phone 7 Apps / Zune Marketplace online shops into Xbox.com so that end-users will have a one-stop shopping experience. This should also help sell cross-platform games that allow Microsoft customers to play each other via an Xbox 360 console, a Windows Phone 7 device and a Windows 7 PC. That said, the future of the PC client is uncertain save for the mini-client that’s needed for multiplayer and in-game micro-transactions within Games for Windows titles.

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Zune games on the Zune HD game player

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Oct 242010
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Zune Games for the Zune HD are available for download in the Zune Marketplace that makes the Zune HD a powerful mobile game player for anyone who enjoys portable game play. Zune games are robust and make great use of the powerful hardware available in the Zune HD devices for fast action and also wireless multi player game capabilities for the very best in shared game experiences.

Ever want to play a game with friends on the bus, train or airplane? Your Zune HD offers incredible mutiplayer games that take advantage of the Zune wireless hardware for excellent gaming over any available Wi-Fi network. Take the Zune on the road and play games in just about any place at any time with ease and enjoy your free time when waiting for anything.

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Zune music downloads from Zune marketplace

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Oct 172010
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The Zune Marketplace integrates with Zune software on your pc for a powerful music download service offering all the top mp3 downloads for podcasts, music and bloggers online. Zune music downloads can be played from your pc software with the built in music players or synced to your Zune media device for portable music enjoyment.

Download mp3 music from Zune and share with your Zune friends over the wireless music player and discover new music online and offline with the new Zune HD music sharing features. Show your friends the cool new music available in the Zune Marketplace and let them sample some of the hottest tunes from todays hot artists in a few short clicks and be a part of the Zune social music sharing community.

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Zune music on your Xbox game console

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Sep 282010
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One of the nice features of the Zune platform is the ease of sharing your content on your Windows PC and Xbox console network. With easy to use tools from Windows Media you can share your Zune music collection on your Xbox console and pipe your music through a home entertainment stereo system.

With a few simple steps you can sync the Xbox console to play your Zune music in game play for a refreshing and inspiring game experience with your favorite Zune tunes. Add music from the Zune Marketplace and sync with your Xbox game player to play music and games from the same device and enjoy the full power of the Zune Xbox Windows platforms for your media management.

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Microsoft Brings Some Zune Features To Bing

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Jun 292010
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So Microsoft has finally stepped up and integrated some Zune features directly into their hot new search engine and it seems you can actually stream free music using their newly branded “Entertainment Engine”. By doing a simple search for your favorite artist or song you pull up a variety of new features which allow you to hear a song once or can also send you straight to the appropriate music store for your online purchases. Bing now offers link directly to the Zune music store as well as iTunes and more.

Microsoft Brings Some Zune Features To Bing – ITProPortal.com

Microsoft is taking on Google in the fight for online search supremacy by introducing new music-related features from Zune marketplace to its search engine, Bing.

Users in the US will be able to play tracks from within the search engine results page. Microsoft says that music searches will now include lyrics and playable tracks from more than five million songs which are already available from Zune.

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Zune music streaming on Xbox 360 soon

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Jun 212010
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I have come to realize that Microsoft releases new features for existing systems WAY later than we hope all would like to see with some misguided idea that it will extend the product usefulness and lifespan. I mean it took how many years for them to finally open up the USB port for regular thumb drives. First they had to sell a whole heap of overpriced harddrives before they opened up what should have been a first generation feature.

Microsoft did the same thing with Zune and it was 2 years deep before we had decent use of the built in Wireless features. Now after almost 3 years of Zune streaming music it is finally coming to Xbox Live and the 360 system. I have been listening to my Last.fm streaming for months now and even linked up my Facebook account but to this day I don’t play my Zune music on the Xbox because its a bit of a drag but maybe now the new streaming feature will make it all worth the wait.

Do you Zune? Are you going to stream it over your Xbox 360?

Xbox Live update will bring Zune music streaming | E3 2010 – CNET Reviews

Microsoft’s Zune music service is finally on its way to the Xbox 360. Announced today at E3 2010, a catalog of 7 million Zune Marketplace songs will be available for streaming on the Xbox 360 later this year, complementing existing Zune movie, TV, and music video content.

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Microsoft’s Zune to Provide In-Flight Tunes for United

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Jun 072010
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Zune coming to an airline near you? Are you traveling somewhere this summer? You might not need your Zune mp3 player if you are flying on United Airlines because they are offering Zune for free with select flights.

Microsoft’s Zune to Provide In-Flight Tunes for United | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

United Airlines and Microsoft announced in a joint press release today that Zune would be the exclusive provider of in-flight audio entertainment on all United Airlines flights, both international and domestic.

If you’ve flown on United recently, you’ll note that the in-flight audio options are straightforward and standard across multiple airlines, including channels for classic rock, pop, and classical, and while those channels won’t go anywhere, the addition of music powered by Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace adds more variety and selection to your flight.

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