Suggestions for Mobile Marketing

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Jun 132013
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Can you picture the time when it was trendy to do marketing through social websites? It was all about guaranteeing that your ads could be seen on Facebook. This still holds true, you should be doing your marketing through Facebook. Simultaneously, the appearance of marketing and what does well and not so well is always changing. In the present time, marketers have a tendency to utilize mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is precisely what it sounds like, marketing done through the use of text messaging to mobile mechanisms. If you are able to convince people to share their phone numbers with you, this is really a pretty helpful way to get the word out about your merchandise or service and boosting your sales.

Here are some suggestions to benefit you.

Make sure that you keep your users’ information secure. If people are sharing their phone numbers with you, they are placing their trust in you. When you have agreements that your customers sign, this should include a description of your privacy policy and your commitment to security. Most importantly -live up to this promise. Never share or sell your customer list to anyone else. Not only will you lose customers if you violate such principles, you might even be breaking laws. Make sure any wireless companies you work with are also reputable in this way. Many mobile marketers use the services of list serving companies to make their task easier. These companies are sort of like the mobile equivalent of online data storage services. Of course, you should investigate any company before deciding to work with them. This company must be one that can assure you that it keeps the information you get from your customers secure. You want to deal with a company that safeguards data and never shares it with anyone else. Remember that if they misuse your customers’ information, you could be held responsible too!

You shouldn’t start sending out mobile messages for marketing purposes until you know what kind of laws exist in your area on this issue. You are generally required to send out your messages manually, even if you use a service for this. This is similar to the rules governing email lists, that say you can only email people who agree to receive your messages. You have to limit your mobile messaging to people who are legitimately in your system, as with an email list. Employing a company who sends out messages on your behalf doesn’t change this rule. Don’t begin any mobile messaging campaigns unless you’re confident that you’re operating legally. You don’t want to get hit with FCC fines!

In the present time, some people hardly ever use their cell phones to make phone calls, especially since they can do so many other things with their devices. They use their phones for reading books, taking photos, surfing the internet, shopping-etc. This is why it is so essential to be able to utilize this strategy for marketing. In regards to your mobile marketing operations, these are just a few of the things you can do to up the worth of it.

You should be able to discover many more on your own, with just a little bit of hardship and optimistically, not many mistakes.

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The Mobile Technology Expected in 2013

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Jul 212012
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The sheer number of technological developments and innovations in the field of smartphones has consumers licking their lips in anticipation of what to expect next. Each new model and advancement is replaced with something better and even more intelligent, to the extent where it would be justifiable to name the field of mobile phone technology as the fastest improving in recent years. With 2012 proving to be such an exciting year for new innovations, here is just some of what 2013 should have to offer.

Firefox OS

The Firefox OS will be the web browser developer’s standalone mobile operating system. It will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and introduce an entirely open mobile operating system. The idea is to create a completely open mobile ecosystem, built utterly on open web standards. Apps will then be developed as HTML 5 applications.

The plan has received widespread support throughout the mobile technology industry with phone manufacturers and wireless carriers around the world voicing their support.


With it being so highly anticipated, it’s quite probable you’ve already heard of 4G. In definition: it is the fourth generation of mobile communication standards. In layman’s terms it is the successor of 3G and the fastest means to date by which we can access the internet through wireless mobile devices.

Now there are a number of devices which are already 4G enabled. The problem is however, the majority of countries aren’t. The United Kingdom is certainly then in this majority that aren’t 4G connected but we’re expecting to be so by early 2013.

In addition to offering users an access to the internet five-times as fast as 3G (the current mobile communication standard), 4G also gives wireless mobile devices the ability to access high data rate wireless channels, high quality audio and high-definition video.

Indoor GPS

The idea is magnificent and will certainly have tech geeks eagerly waiting for the turn of the year in anticipation. An indoor GPS will intelligently be able to figure out your movements once you’ve stepped out of satellite view and into a building. You’ll thus have the ability to navigate inside buildings and then perhaps find that store you keep losing in the shopping centre. The new technology will even be able to determine what floor of a building you’re on.

Indoor GPS will use a mobile phone’s gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer to calculate your position and movements.

Nokia, LG, Samsung and Blackberry are already known to be working on such technology and it is expected that many others are also making moves towards indoor GPS advancements. Tech geeks are thus undeniably keen on the day indoor GPS will be a factor when looking up mobile phone offers

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near field communication (NFC) technology is the establishment of radio connection between two devices by simply touching them together or putting them in close proximity. Think of it as a more powerful version of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

With NFC, we’ll be able to carry out money transactions, to the extent of paying for items in supermarkets and stores. NFC could then even replace credit cards.

The upcoming iPhone is expected to have NFC capabilities, while most other manufacturers are also looking to introduce the technology. Expect this to be a significant advancement to how we exchange money and large data files. 

Michael Taylor – Tech writer

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Offline versus Online Shopping {infographic}

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Jul 202012
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The pros and cons of internet shopping are pretty clear. The cons are; you can’t see the item up close and you can’t try items on, you can’t stop for an overpriced coffee and you can’t drive home in stony silence after a domestic with the husband in the middle of HMV. It’s pretty obvious I prefer online shopping, the pros far out weigh the cons and the truth is that when it comes to shopping, I’m just grumpy. I hate crowds and queues, double buggies and people that stop in doorways. I hate shop assistants that are either useless or pushy. With online shopping I can sit in my own home, TV or music in the background, cool and relaxed, and compare prices without traipsing around town getting hot and bothered. Internet shopping is progress at its best, and I now actually enjoy shopping for the first time ever!

If you want to browse the net and check out some ubercool beauty products from the comfort of your own home – visit Grazia Daily. 

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Will you buy the Amazon Kindle Phone?

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Jul 072012
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Recent news reports seem to point to Amazon selling a Kindle Phone to go along with the stellar sales of the Kindle fire tablets. Some reviews seem to make it seem like a bad idea for Amazon to be entering such a competitive market with dominant players like Apple and Google already taking such a huge lead.

Amazon is a huge player in the tech world and the “Worlds Largest Store” when compared to all other online and offline shopping destinations and they have had great success with the Kindle tablets so our opinion would be that  this is really a great idea when you consider that there are so many advantages to owning a Kindle Tablet and a Kindle Phone.

The ability to share your Amazon content on both your e-reader and also on your mobile phone seems like a great feature and even similar to the new Smart Glass from Xbox which hopes to create a seamless transition from your home to your car to anywhere with your mobile devices.  Too bad that Microsoft was not able to make all of this happen under the Zune brand. What are your thoughts? Will you buy the Amazon Kindle Phone?


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Golf Clubs and Golf Drivers for sale online

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Apr 112012
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Golf Clubs


For those of us who enjoy a good game of golf there is little more exciting than new golf clubs  and especially so for new golf drivers which are about as exciting and fun to play with as any other. The sale and purchase of gold clubs is generally resereved for pro shops and other golf retail stores but the market has shifted towards more onliner shopping and discount buys for golf equipment.

Even golfers are feeling the pinch pf this economy and almost every golfer out there is now looking for the best deals on gold equipment and accessories online. Major retail sites like Amazon and even eBay are doing well with sales of discount golf clubs and the drop in prices is making it easier for more entry level golfers to get into the game now.

Do you golf? Have you purchased golf clubs or gold drivers online? How was your shopping experience? Did you get what you paid for and are you satisfied with the transaction? Most golfers are and seem to enjoy the hunt for deals on the internet. With his shift in the way golfers buy their gear you can expect taht retails stores and pro shops will have to change the way they do business in order to compete.

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Handpresso Auto – Expresso Coffee Maker Machine for Automobiles

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Apr 092012
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The Handpresso Auto is a very cool new coffee maker designed for use in automobiles. The Handpresso Auto is a unique and impressive design with a very nice looking form factor and may well turn out to be the hot gift item for the daily driver on your holiday shopping list.

Handpresso Auto Coffee Maker and Expresso Machine

I mean who hasn’t craved a second cup of coffee on the road some days and thought how mice it would be to have a coffee maker in the car? I know that on more than one occasion I have wanted to have an expresso machine but the new Handpresso Auto is well beyond what I had in mind. The Handpresso has no coffee filters, no coffee pot to clean and it runs on 12volts so you can use it in any car.

Who wants to Buy Handpresso Auto for themselves or as a gift?

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A toast to Champagne!

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Jan 122012
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‘Champagne’, one of the world’s most extravagant, exquisite, and expensive delicate wines, is also one of the world’s most storied.  This story starts some 300 years ago, in the late 1600′s, with a monk by the name of Dom Perignon, in a small section of France, called ‘Champagne’ (hard to wonder where the name originated…).  What many may be unaware of however, is that the bubbles in champagne, were actually unintended, which Perignon spent a great deal of his time trying to prevent.

However, after wine drinkers began to develop a taste for the ‘bubbly’ wine from Champagne, the rest became history.  Wars were fought, and to the winners went the spoils, champagne .  One of Winston Churchill’s most famous quotes was in regard to Champagne.

Remember gentleman, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!

The little bubbly wine won over not only the tastes of wine purists, and generals, but royalty also; many of whom drank it regularly.

Another quick fact:  Champagne is only true champagne if it was produced in the ‘Champagne’ region of France, made with specific kinds of grapes, and distilled in a certain manner.

So, the next time you are shopping for a delicate wine perfect for that special occasion, want to brush up on some wine related trivia, or for the aficionados out there, interested in all the latest, up to date news regarding their most favored delight, check out for anything and everything wine, and wine related! infographic Champagne

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Shopping for kids for Christmas 2011

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Nov 042011
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So I have been doing some thinking about gift ideas for the holidays and top of the list of course are 2011 Christmas Gifts for Kids as my young ones have had a rather lean year as far as gifts go so we decided to do some research on what the hot toys are for our two sons at least. Our daughter is only one so she won’t care for the latest and greatest but the boys are in new schools this year and they both have new social lives with friends and what not so they have been dressing better and trying more to be cool.

My 7 year old wants a mobile phone and my 12 year old wants a touchscreen tablet and neither one will be getting either of those gifts but I do have some ideas for others. I guess its not to early to be shopping for Christmas gift ideas 2011 because I have already seen holiday displays at the shopping mall.

Anyone have ideas or opinions on the best gift for an 6th grader?

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