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When Buying And Installing A Car Stereo System

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Jun 042012
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car stereo installation and beatles
Image by vanRijn

Everyone knows that the primary purpose of a car is getting from point A to point B, but sometimes arriving while blasting one’s favorite Necrophagist song is the only way it feels right.  The stock speakers and stereo can hold up for a while but there is a huge chance that the speakers will be blown fast if listened to at too high a volume.  If this sounds familiar, it may be time to simply replace the aging speakers and head unit with something a little more suited for blasting audio waves at the highest intensity possible.

The most important pieces to start with in a revamp are all of the speakers.  Every car has different sized speakers, so going to Walmart and getting the best clearance special kit will simply not work for most people.  Instead, there are car audio websites out there that allow an individual to easily input their specific car and get the sizes of the front and back speaker slots.  Sometimes the spaces will not be standard, but in these cases there are usually adapters or ways of installing that will fit a standard replacement.  Unless the person is adding an extra amplifier, most speakers can be used for great audio quality, and reviews are a person’s best friend for determining what will fit their listening style.

Do Your Thorough Research

Head units range greatly in cost and features, and as a result, research is very important for the individual to decide which is right for them.  Most will offer similar speaker wattage, but some have features that are significantly better than their competition.  Besides audio quality, it is important to pay attention to what inputs the stereo supports so the individual can easily interface their phone, MP3 player, CDs or even vinyl record albums if desired.  It is a good idea to get as many inputs and features as possible in order to future proof the unit if a person wants to pick up a new music medium down the road.

After getting everything, it is time to install it all.  The head unit usually has to be installed with a dash kit that allows it to fit into most cars’ abnormal stereo areas.  The installer will also have to look up and create a graph matching what color of the car’s stereo wires match the stereo wiring harness.  Usually the plug that enters the stock stereo has to be cut, but wiring harnesses that preclude this are available.  Installing the speakers is incredibly open ended based on the type of car, but is usually easy once one figures out how to remove the door and rear dash panels.  After installation, it is time for a test with one’s favorite Lady Gaga CD and Radiohead vinyl albums to test the different inputs properly.

Seth Frank is an honored factory-sealed vinyl records expert writing about Beatles vinyl records from SoundStage Direct and different types of turntables.

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Oldies love songs downloads

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May 232012
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Are you looking for some beebop or other forms of retro music? It’s kinda hard to find some of your old favorites with everybody pushing the new music of today. I can download lots of Lady Gaga or some other artiest but finding great hits by favorite artists like Buddy Holly or Ortis Redding can be more difficult.

When I search for oldies love songs for example I expect to find content from the 40′s and 50′s and not stuff from the 90′s or 80′s. If you do a generic web search on something like Apple or even the Zune music store you often times come up with some Top40 hits type of lists with more commercially successful music being offered. I often times want to find more unique music selection specifically targeted at oldies of the past.

The don’t make music like they used to and I just prefer to listen to my old time hits more than I do the new music you find on the radio these days. Even the old time radio stations are polluted with new style advertisements and interruptions so you never really get that sense or feeling of being alive in the old days.

The website offers an great selection of my favorite hits and I can find oldies loves songs or anything else I want from the last 5 decades in one easy to search and operate website. Their selection is great and the oldies downloads are a great way to listen to some of my old time classic favorites.

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Zune music downloads from Zune marketplace

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Oct 172010
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The Zune Marketplace integrates with Zune software on your pc for a powerful music download service offering all the top mp3 downloads for podcasts, music and bloggers online. Zune music downloads can be played from your pc software with the built in music players or synced to your Zune media device for portable music enjoyment.

Download mp3 music from Zune and share with your Zune friends over the wireless music player and discover new music online and offline with the new Zune HD music sharing features. Show your friends the cool new music available in the Zune Marketplace and let them sample some of the hottest tunes from todays hot artists in a few short clicks and be a part of the Zune social music sharing community.

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Zune Pass music subscription service

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Oct 102010
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I have been a Zune Pass subscriber since the service began in late 2006 and it has been one of the best deals I have found in music online. It’s better than Rhapsody and even for music discovery and offers the best features in and online music library.

The Zune Pass unlimited monthly subscription services allows me to download and listen to as much music as I want for a low monthly price of only $15 per month. That is roughly the cost of buying one new CD each month and I can download any number of songs or full albums from my favorite artists or sample from the huge catalog of new music choices.

If you are interested in checking out the best subscription music service online you should run over and look up the Zune Pass for all your music downloads.

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Zune software for your media collection

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Sep 242010
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Zune software for PC is a great music management solution bound only by the limited operating system choices. Zune software offers a huge number of features over powerhouse iTunes including a robust music streaming and monthly subscription service.

Installing Zune software is a breeze on Windows pc devices and will handle any size music collection with a variety of music management choices such as ripping, burning and organization functions. Sort your music by title, artist, year and more and find new music online with the intuitive layout and new music choices such as featured playlists, suggested songs and related albums from your favorite and most played music.

Zune software has a great built in music player designed to be minimized on your Windows desktop and integrate well into your computer setup. Sync music with your media device and manage online downloads from the vast Zune music library with the Zune software and take easy care of your music collection.

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Microsoft Brings Some Zune Features To Bing

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Jun 292010
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So Microsoft has finally stepped up and integrated some Zune features directly into their hot new search engine and it seems you can actually stream free music using their newly branded “Entertainment Engine”. By doing a simple search for your favorite artist or song you pull up a variety of new features which allow you to hear a song once or can also send you straight to the appropriate music store for your online purchases. Bing now offers link directly to the Zune music store as well as iTunes and more.

Microsoft Brings Some Zune Features To Bing –

Microsoft is taking on Google in the fight for online search supremacy by introducing new music-related features from Zune marketplace to its search engine, Bing.

Users in the US will be able to play tracks from within the search engine results page. Microsoft says that music searches will now include lyrics and playable tracks from more than five million songs which are already available from Zune.

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Zune FM Radio saves my mind

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Oct 232008
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I spent 6 days in the hospital with a broken leg and if it were not for my trusty friend MAX the original Zune player I think I would have lost my mind. I have had this trusty old Zune for almost two years now and never was I so glad to have it with me then the time spent in a hospital in Montego Bay recently.

I was in a car crash and spent the first two days moving about but once I settled into Cornwal Regional in Montego Bay I requested my wife bring me my Zune so I could listen to my music which I gladly did for the first day or so until I realized how bored I was with all the songs I had on it. It’s been two months since I used the Zune and it’s got lots of my old faves on it but no new music. I was in the mood for something fresh and with no net access the built in FM radio was my best choice.

I ended up using the radio a lot over the 3 or 4 days I spent on my back waiting for doctors to tell me what was wrong and what we should do. In the end I got a cast and I’m back home listening to my old Zune again but this time I’m using the Zune Marketplace to download songs from some of the music I heard on the radio. I wish I could tag songs on the radio here like listeners can in select merkets around the States but I can’t. For now I’m forced to figure out who it is I am listening to and then I have to go search for what I want to hear.

The Zune is proving to be a great music discovery device and I am glad to see Microsoft so focused on the music.

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What is Zune and Zune MAX?

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Jun 092007
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Zune players now come in five colors and new players rumored to be released soon.
Free Wallpapers in the Zune gallery and
Free Zune Tech Support in the Zune Forums.

Zune is to be a family of wireless media devices from Microsoft that allow users to play and share music, movies and pictures. The first generation plays music and video with features like an industry leading 3 inch large screen on a 30GB hard drive model with a wireless chip which permits Zune to Zune music sharing. ZuneMAX was one of the first Zune blogs and community forums online since June 11, 2006 with just about everything you ever wanted to know about the Microsoft Zune and the Zune MarketPlace beginning with our news blog below or in the Zune message boards.

Zune wireless players are made for sharing and so is File uploads and downloads and music sharing are encouraged and we share loads of new music and video content from the top of the charts to up and coming artists and unsigned bands or musicians including new stuff from our fan base in the Zune forums. Join the Zune forums today and enter to Win a Free Zune in our next Zune Giveaways.

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