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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango: The fundamentals for starters

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Oct 082012
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This is for people that are not knowledgeable about Windows Phone. You can skip that if you are previously knowledgeable about Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango utilizes the particular lovely Metro UI along with Stay Floor tiles, which Ms is actually delivering up to Home windows 8 along with tablets at heart. It’s very instinctive, cheery, quickly and also fun to make use of. It’s low anxiety and also such as iOS, there’s not as much personalization because you will find on Android os. If you’re a tinkerer as well as want to make positive changes to Urinary incontinence as well as launchers and cargo a lot of icons, you could be bored stiff the following. However, if you want any perfect OS which is quick as well as steady with additional modification than iOS, continue reading.
Live Ceramic tiles can either be static (fast start placeholders with regard to apps, webpages and connections) or even reside ones that demonstrate you the present weather conditions, stocks, sports activities results and also breaking information. You are able to pin number virtually any app as a Floor tile on your desltop modify their purchase. You are able to alter the fall behind background shade regarding ceramic tiles and select the white or black qualifications. You can eliminate pre-installed applications (such as company bloatware) that you don’t need and you may eliminate those tiles from your homescreen. As opposed to a colour pallette of symbols such as iOS or perhaps an app bathroom drawer inside Google android, your total iphone app itemizing is simply in which: any text-based listing together with tiny symbols that springs open from the higher correct nook in alphabetical order. The guidelines are quite obvious and. Ms put a big focus on typography and also the fonts are great looking and also obvious. There isn’t any eye-port chrome or even 3 dimensional results in order to sluggish things down. It’s thoroughly clean, fresh and simple.
Microsof company is attempting to be since kind as Apple, and discharge key OS updates to be able to legacy devices, so you will not feel omitted within the chilly since your set up is 6 months or even a year old. Microsoft permits service providers in order to omit at the most A couple of updates (little ones together with insect treatments rely towards this allotment). That does not mean the yr old telephone will get the most recent Operating-system your day it emits; to date it’s obtained several months, but at least you typically will get this.

The quality computer software contains For example 9 cell together with HTML5 video clip assistance however no Adobe Flash (pricier this to come since Adobe has halted brand new mobile Display improvement and it is simply doing maintenance releases). For instance mobile made a great progress method because the very first House windows mobile phones, also it today will a capable and appealing career regarding rendering intricate desktop computer web sites. Pinch zooming is quick and water, and also the touch to be able to focus as well as text message reflow typically is effective when double-tapping to be able to zoom in.
Msn search and also maps take presctiption board, as well as Bing is actually a decent internet search engine. Also Yahoo Routes provides superb POIs and related location information plus the Neighborhood Search function that locates things near you (dining places, entertainment as well as retailers). You can download The major search engines research app, however, there is simply no Google Roadmaps with regard to Windows Phone.
Facebook and Twitter plug-in are fantastic, and also the Individuals Hub isn’t only about contacts, it’s a spot to check the most recent social network updates as well as publish your own improvements. It really is slick, quick and well built-in.
The HTC Titan 2 comes with the usual Microsoft zune songs and video clip participant on the telephone, a photo viewer and the Windows Phone Industry where you can obtain apps and audio. You connect media data files utilizing Zune Pc under Windows and also Windows Phone Connector Several below Mac OS X which syncs to be able to non-DRM iTunes content.
It is a Ms product, which means you have an e-mail client in which handles MS Exchange as well as Hotmail/Windows Stay Email properly, including press. In addition, it will the usual POP3 as well as IMAP along with Gmail. The telephone syncs for the impair for associates and also diary, not over USB. It is possible to synchronize to Home windows Reside solutions, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo connections as well as work schedule. It all is useful.
contains AT&T Sat nav, U-verse Mobile, AT&T (Pub)Signal Scanner, myWireless as well as AT&T Radio. You are able to remove any of these you do not need.

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Zune tablet on the way?

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Aug 012010
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Is there a Zune tablet on the way? No! Microsoft is making some noise over their plans for a tablet computer which was mentioned as an urgency by Steve (Looking for a new job yet?) Ballmer but there is no Microsoft tablet in the future. If anything they will allow soe hardware vendor to cram Windows 7 into tablet hardware but the idea of a Microsoft zune tablet are way ahead of the game.

I would love to see Microsot make a Zune music tablet but i doubt we’ll ever even see a new Zune device. How sad is is that they spent billions to make the Zune and now we are stuck with basically the Zune HD as the only player they offer. Is Zune dead? No not yet but the signs of life are weak. lets hope in their bid to reorganize after the KIN phones mistake they will pump more into the Zune and we might even see a Zune tablet coming Zune.

Analyst’s View: Microsoft’s Tablet is Coming! Well, Not Really | Tim Gideon |

Here’s a secret: in the world of online media, sometimes writers (like me) need to stretch a few sentences into a story, even if, well, there isn’t much of a story. Like it or not, it’s our job. Here are the Ballmer quotes from yesterday’s Microsoft financial analysts meeting that we, the media, are basing the hype and promise of a Microsoft tablet on:

“They’ll be shipping as soon as they are ready. And it is job one urgency. No one is sleeping at the switch.”

Sounds promising! In fact, it sounds like a promise. So, Microsoft is finally making a tablet – will it be a Zune-family piece of hardware? Not so fast.

“Just like we had to make things happen on netbooks, we’ve got to make things happen with Windows 7 on slates. And we are in the process of doing that as we speak. We’re working with our hardware partners, we’re tuning Windows 7 to new slate hardware designs that they’re bringing them to market.”

Hmm. So Microsoft is basically just shipping Windows 7 and having “hardware partners” make the tablet. Not only will this device not be a Zune, but it seems like there will be several iterations. This sounds an awful lot like the way Microsoft develops operating systems for PCs and then lets hardware vendors build the machines. In other words, it’s business as usual.

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Zune HD firmware v4.5 now available

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Apr 062010
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Zune HD firmware v4.5 now available – AfterDawn

The long-anticipated Microsoft Zune HD firmware v4.5 is now available to Zune HD owners, bringing native XviD support to the device as well as streaming Smart DJ.

The player will now has native support for the MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP codec, and the player will playback XviD videos, which is still the codec of choice for most videos downloaded online. The format will play via your HDTV as well if you own the Zune HD Dock.

Smart DJ playlists, a “Genius”-esque song playlist creator, is also available on the player and not just the desktop software. If you are connected via Wi-Fi you will be able to to create Smart DJ playlists that incorporate streamed content from the Zune Marketplace, besides the songs already stored on the player.

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Zune phone release date finally here

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Jan 232010
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Is the Zunephone release date finally here? Zune news and the buzz online is that Microsoft is finally releasing the Zune phone. The Microsoft Zune phone will feature Zune software and full suite of premium services for music, video and hopefully Xbox video games as well running on Windows Mobile 7. A business edition minus the media features and tailored to corporate communications would also be available, according to the first Zune rumor of 2010.

I like the idea of offering two different models for business and personal use. It makes sense for business users to focus on business features but lets hope the Zune software can be installed if say for instance your business involves music or you want to enjoy your phone after work ours. Maybe you can login to a Business mode with scaled down features and even lock the phone into these settings based on the time of day. Of course that might make to much sense for some business owners or even Microsot. I suppose they just have to have two phones with one login each instead of one phone with two different modes.

The phone will be a partnership and not manufactured by Microsoft, according to the new rumors, and it will not be made in the existing Zune factory. Microsoft will probably do what Google has done and brand a phone by HTC or some other phone hardware maker. Why did we wait two years for this? Why din’t they just port the Zune software over to existing phones a long time ago even if they were working on some super new mobile opertatoing system? By branding the Zune early on as mobile music subscription service it may have had a real chance against Apple and the iPod/iPhone/Mac powerhouse combination it appears they have had the vision to mimic. instead it’s been laughed at as half assed and a joke by everyone who never owned a Zune player.

Check out the article below and other Zune rumors on Bing or Google for more ideas on that they have been working on for so long.

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Zune Phone Could Fulfill Microsoft’s ’3 Screens’ Wish – PC World

Zune Phone Could Fulfill Microsoft’s ’3 Screens’ Wish
Microsoft’s mobile play is still a mystery, but reports about WinMo 7 and a Zune-like Microsoft phone provide new clues.

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Zune Repairs : How to fix a broken Zune screen

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Oct 232008
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Ever since I bought my first Zune player at Walmart on November 15th, 2006 I have been in love with the larger screen. I just love the space as much as I appreciate the 22 monitor on my desktop and this 19″ laptop I’m blogging with right now. I simply love a big huge screen for everything I work with and it’s the same thing with my Zune.

I have carried my Zune with me to a lot of places and to do a lot of things. I have been very careful not to scratch the screen and for most of it’s life my Zune has been covered in some sort of case or screen protector. The screen on MAX has a couple of nics in it but it’s still a thing of beauty.

With the Zune 3.0 update I have more navigational options than screen length so we actually have to scroll down to get to my Zune Games but playing those games on Zune and watching movies on the Zune are actually quite fun. Many have commented on watching movies on Zune and although it is not ideal it does work well for us with the kids. I don’t know that they can actually watch a feature length movie on Zune but we try to keep them better entertained than that.

Here is a video tutorial on how to fix or replace the Zune 30 screen. You can visit our Zune repairs site for more information on buying Zune parts and where to get your Zune fixed should you need to do so.

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Xbox 360 concept game player and phone from T3

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Jun 262008
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Zune 360

Yeah mon, can’t wait to get my hands on something like this.

X-Box 360 handheld console on the way? –

X-Box 360 handheld console on the way?
Fancy rocking some GTA IV on-the-go, if T3 get our way Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player could be going gaming. Check out our artist’s impressions.

A Microsoft Zune / X-Box 360 / mobile phone hybrid? Could this potentially be the greatest handheld gadget in the history of the world?

It’s by no means a reality, but it’s been over a year since Big M big-wigs hinted at this awesome combo. While nothing remains concrete, we at T3 couldn’t wait any longer.

Our artist’s impressions from the future tech feature in this month’s T3 Magazine show the three gadgets brought together in revolutionary harmony.

Our vision features the familiar X logo and coloured buttons of the X-Box with the slim and sleek Zune music player, with a 64GB flash drive and a mobile phone built in for good measure.

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Zune struggles to find the right pitch

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May 082008
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Zune struggles to find the right pitch | Beyond Binary – A blog by Ina Fried – CNET

After a decent freshman year, the Zune appears to be having a bit of a sophomore slump.

In its first year on the market, Microsoft shipped 1.2 million Zunes, reaching about 3 percent of the U.S. market for MP3 players by the first quarter of 2007. A year later, the company’s market share stands at about 4 percent, but that slight gain comes as Microsoft has expanded from one hard-drive model into a family of products that includes both flash-based and hard drive-based units.

As part of its announcement of a Zune video store this week, Microsoft noted that it has now sold more than 2 million Zunes. That would appear to show that business is not growing much despite the expansion of the product line. (And, to get a sense of where the competition is, Apple sold more than 10 million iPods in just the non-holiday January to March quarter).

For their part, Microsoft Zune officials say they’re pleased with where things stand, reiterating that they see their effort to form a serious rival to the iPod as a years-long project.

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Microsoft May Build A Copyright Cop Into Every Zune – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog

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May 072008
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Microsoft May Build A Copyright Cop Into Every Zune – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog

If you like to download the latest episodes of “Heroes” or other NBC shows from BitTorrent, maybe you shouldn’t buy a Microsoft Zune to watch them on.

A future update of the software for Microsoft’s portable media player may well include a feature that will block unauthorized copies of copyrighted videos from being played on it.

Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it would start selling video programming for the Zune, mainly TV shows. These include programs from NBC Universal, which has pulled its shows off Apple’s iTunes Store.

Late Tuesday afternoon I reached J. B. Perrette, the president of digital distribution for NBC Universal, to ask why NBC found Microsoft’s video store more appealing than Apple’s.

He explained that NBC, like most studios, would like the broadest distribution possible for its programming. But it has two disputes with Apple.

First, Apple insists that all TV shows have an identical wholesale price so that it can sell all of them at $1.99. NBC wants to sell its programs for whatever price it chooses.

Second, Apple refused to cooperate with NBC on building filters into its iPod player to remove pirated movies and videos.

Microsoft, by contrast, will accept NBC’s pricing scheme and will work with it to try to develop a copyright “cop” to be installed on its devices.

For now, both issues are rather theoretical. NBC does have some variation in its wholesale price schedule, although Mr. Perrette declined to describe it. Microsoft has chosen to absorb the differences and sell all shows for about $1.99.

Nonetheless, Mr. Perrette said, NBC wants the flexibility to sell older shows at lower prices and hit shows at higher prices than the standard Apple has set. It also wants to create various deals that would, for example, allow a discount for people buying a season or other group of episodes at one time.

“That separation of the wholesale pricing flexibility and what the retailer decides to charge is core to us,” Mr. Perrette said. “Zune was willing to provide that.”

Similarly, the copyright filtering system is still in development and its exact form has not been set.

Mr. Perrette said the plan is to create “filtering technology that allows for playback of legitimately purchased content versus non-legitimately purchased content.”

He said this would be similar to systems being tested by Microsoft, Google and others that are meant to block pirated clips from video sharing sites. NBC is also working with Internet service providers like AT&T to put similar filters right into the network.

Mr. Perrette added that NBC is trying to develop similar hardware technology with SanDisk, through whom NBC also sells its programming.

Adam Sohn, a spokesman for Microsoft, declined to discuss details of this effort other than to say that the software company is exploring anti-piracy measures with NBC. He said Microsoft, which suffers from its own piracy problems, is sympathetic to Hollywood’s concerns.

At the same time, it will be difficult for Microsoft to add features that consumers don’t like to its Zune products, which already lag far behind Apple in the market.

Mr. Perrette said NBC understands the potential resistance. “In the short term, this will not win us a lot of friends,” he said. “In the long term, the consumer wants there to be quality premium-produced content, and in order for that to continue to be a viable business, there needs to be significant protection around it.”

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