Windows Phone 7.5 Mango: The fundamentals for starters

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Oct 082012
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This is for people that are not knowledgeable about Windows Phone. You can skip that if you are previously knowledgeable about Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango utilizes the particular lovely Metro UI along with Stay Floor tiles, which Ms is actually delivering up to Home windows 8 along with tablets at heart. It’s very instinctive, cheery, quickly and also fun to make use of. It’s low anxiety and also such as iOS, there’s not as much personalization because you will find on Android os. If you’re a tinkerer as well as want to make positive changes to Urinary incontinence as well as launchers and cargo a lot of icons, you could be bored stiff the following. However, if you want any perfect OS which is quick as well as steady with additional modification than iOS, continue reading.
Live Ceramic tiles can either be static (fast start placeholders with regard to apps, webpages and connections) or even reside ones that demonstrate you the present weather conditions, stocks, sports activities results and also breaking information. You are able to pin number virtually any app as a Floor tile on your desltop modify their purchase. You are able to alter the fall behind background shade regarding ceramic tiles and select the white or black qualifications. You can eliminate pre-installed applications (such as company bloatware) that you don’t need and you may eliminate those tiles from your homescreen. As opposed to a colour pallette of symbols such as iOS or perhaps an app bathroom drawer inside Google android, your total iphone app itemizing is simply in which: any text-based listing together with tiny symbols that springs open from the higher correct nook in alphabetical order. The guidelines are quite obvious and. Ms put a big focus on typography and also the fonts are great looking and also obvious. There isn’t any eye-port chrome or even 3 dimensional results in order to sluggish things down. It’s thoroughly clean, fresh and simple.
Microsof company is attempting to be since kind as Apple, and discharge key OS updates to be able to legacy devices, so you will not feel omitted within the chilly since your set up is 6 months or even a year old. Microsoft permits service providers in order to omit at the most A couple of updates (little ones together with insect treatments rely towards this allotment). That does not mean the yr old telephone will get the most recent Operating-system your day it emits; to date it’s obtained several months, but at least you typically will get this.

The quality computer software contains For example 9 cell together with HTML5 video clip assistance however no Adobe Flash (pricier this to come since Adobe has halted brand new mobile Display improvement and it is simply doing maintenance releases). For instance mobile made a great progress method because the very first House windows mobile phones, also it today will a capable and appealing career regarding rendering intricate desktop computer web sites. Pinch zooming is quick and water, and also the touch to be able to focus as well as text message reflow typically is effective when double-tapping to be able to zoom in.
Msn search and also maps take presctiption board, as well as Bing is actually a decent internet search engine. Also Yahoo Routes provides superb POIs and related location information plus the Neighborhood Search function that locates things near you (dining places, entertainment as well as retailers). You can download The major search engines research app, however, there is simply no Google Roadmaps with regard to Windows Phone.
Facebook and Twitter plug-in are fantastic, and also the Individuals Hub isn’t only about contacts, it’s a spot to check the most recent social network updates as well as publish your own improvements. It really is slick, quick and well built-in.
The HTC Titan 2 comes with the usual Microsoft zune songs and video clip participant on the telephone, a photo viewer and the Windows Phone Industry where you can obtain apps and audio. You connect media data files utilizing Zune Pc under Windows and also Windows Phone Connector Several below Mac OS X which syncs to be able to non-DRM iTunes content.
It is a Ms product, which means you have an e-mail client in which handles MS Exchange as well as Hotmail/Windows Stay Email properly, including press. In addition, it will the usual POP3 as well as IMAP along with Gmail. The telephone syncs for the impair for associates and also diary, not over USB. It is possible to synchronize to Home windows Reside solutions, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo connections as well as work schedule. It all is useful.
contains AT&T Sat nav, U-verse Mobile, AT&T (Pub)Signal Scanner, myWireless as well as AT&T Radio. You are able to remove any of these you do not need.

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The Mobile Technology Expected in 2013

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Jul 212012
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The sheer number of technological developments and innovations in the field of smartphones has consumers licking their lips in anticipation of what to expect next. Each new model and advancement is replaced with something better and even more intelligent, to the extent where it would be justifiable to name the field of mobile phone technology as the fastest improving in recent years. With 2012 proving to be such an exciting year for new innovations, here is just some of what 2013 should have to offer.

Firefox OS

The Firefox OS will be the web browser developer’s standalone mobile operating system. It will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and introduce an entirely open mobile operating system. The idea is to create a completely open mobile ecosystem, built utterly on open web standards. Apps will then be developed as HTML 5 applications.

The plan has received widespread support throughout the mobile technology industry with phone manufacturers and wireless carriers around the world voicing their support.


With it being so highly anticipated, it’s quite probable you’ve already heard of 4G. In definition: it is the fourth generation of mobile communication standards. In layman’s terms it is the successor of 3G and the fastest means to date by which we can access the internet through wireless mobile devices.

Now there are a number of devices which are already 4G enabled. The problem is however, the majority of countries aren’t. The United Kingdom is certainly then in this majority that aren’t 4G connected but we’re expecting to be so by early 2013.

In addition to offering users an access to the internet five-times as fast as 3G (the current mobile communication standard), 4G also gives wireless mobile devices the ability to access high data rate wireless channels, high quality audio and high-definition video.

Indoor GPS

The idea is magnificent and will certainly have tech geeks eagerly waiting for the turn of the year in anticipation. An indoor GPS will intelligently be able to figure out your movements once you’ve stepped out of satellite view and into a building. You’ll thus have the ability to navigate inside buildings and then perhaps find that store you keep losing in the shopping centre. The new technology will even be able to determine what floor of a building you’re on.

Indoor GPS will use a mobile phone’s gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer to calculate your position and movements.

Nokia, LG, Samsung and Blackberry are already known to be working on such technology and it is expected that many others are also making moves towards indoor GPS advancements. Tech geeks are thus undeniably keen on the day indoor GPS will be a factor when looking up mobile phone offers

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near field communication (NFC) technology is the establishment of radio connection between two devices by simply touching them together or putting them in close proximity. Think of it as a more powerful version of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

With NFC, we’ll be able to carry out money transactions, to the extent of paying for items in supermarkets and stores. NFC could then even replace credit cards.

The upcoming iPhone is expected to have NFC capabilities, while most other manufacturers are also looking to introduce the technology. Expect this to be a significant advancement to how we exchange money and large data files. 

Michael Taylor – Tech writer

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Nokia’s Lumia 800 Windows Phone really matters

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Dec 132011
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Windows Mobile Phones

While it may not seem like it at first, Nokia’s Lumia 800 is one of the most significant smartphones on the horizon. It may lack the absurdly high-end specs of current Android superphones, and it doesn’t have the hype of Apple’s iPhone, but for Nokia and Microsoft, the Lumia 800 represents the viability of their joint mobile future.

I had a chance to test out a Lumia 800 for a few weeks, which made it all the more clear to me just how important this little phone will be.

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HTC 7 Trophy product review

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Nov 062011
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The good:  The HTC 7 Trophy features a compact design and runs the Windows Phone OS, which offers an easy to use interface, as well as Zune, Xbox Live, and Office integration.

The bad:  Disappointing camera quality and battery life could be better.

Bottom Line:  While not the most advanced or most powerful smart phone on the market, simplicity works in the favor of the HTC Trophy providing simple ease of use, and sweet application integration.

Buy the HTC 7 Trophy in our Online Store!

The HTC Trophy is Verizon’s first foray into the Windows Phone market, and pricing starts at $149.99 with a two year contract and after a $50 mail in rebate.  At 4.67 inches tall by 2.42 inches wide by 0.47 inches thick, and weighing only 4.94 ounces the HTC Trophy is sleek and simple, which is attractive in it’s own right.
To start with, like all WP7 handsets the Trophy starts with a 480 x 800 pixel resolution and 1GHz Snapdragon (QSD8250) processor under a capacitive touchscreen. From there we’ve got a bright 3.8-inch S-LCD, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, GPS, FM Radio, a 1300mAh battery, and 8GB of fixed flash storage with 512MB of ROM and 576MB of RAM. The auto focus camera is also pretty standard with a 5 megapixel sensor, LED flash, and 720p video recording capability.  It also packs sensors for gravity, compass, proximity, and ambient light.

However, WP7 currently has limited landscape support. The HTC features an aluminum-like bezel, and a soft-touch finish on the back.  The display is sharp and bright, but washes out a bit in direct sunlight.  Unfortunately, the display is prone to fingerprinting and smudging.  The touchscreen is extremely quick and responsive, and registers most actions on the first try, allowing for quick and easy browsing and zooming.
The virtual keyboard provided by the OS works great, it’s sharp and accurate, and can stand toe-to-toe with that of the iPhone, and is reaches above that of the standard Android option, which is slightly slower, and more prone to mispresses.
Under the display are touch sensitive back, start, and search buttons.  To the left is a volume rocker and a Micro-USB port, and to the right is the camera key.  The top of the device features the power button and a 3.55mm headphone jack, while the back houses the camera, LED flash, and a crisp loudspeaker.
The feature set is pretty standard for a smart phone in this day and age, including email, organizer, music, video, additional application, gaming, social network integration and various instant messaging options.
Beyond the standard WP7 applications, HTC has provided a few of their own applications including a unit converter, sound enhancer, photo enhancer, and the HTC hub which includes an animated clock and weather widgets, where the weather widgets display real-time, location specific weather information.  The Trophy also ships with Slacker and Netflix, allowing [Netflix] subscribers to watch movies and TV shows directly from their phones.
The Trophy also has access to the Windows marketplace, similar to that of the iTunes and Android marketplaces, with about 20,000 free and paid apps available now, and a steady influx of new apps.
Call quality on the Trophy is decent, with audio quality being relatively clear overall.  However, during lulls in conversation there is an occasional hissing, which is odd.  Speakerphone quality was also decent and clear inasmuch as that goes.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for your first smart phone, or if you don’t necessarily need or desire all the bells and whistles of some of the other devices then the HTC Trophy will indeed suffice.  Also, with the powerful WP7 OS and the integration of things like Office, Zune and Xbox live, the Trophy is more attractive than some of the other alternatives.  Ultimately, the choice is up to you.  Find a Verizon store near you and demo the product, and if it seems right, pick it up.

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Compare the Nokia Lumia 800 with Lumia 710

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Nov 032011
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Compare Windows phones by Nokia

Here is a quick comparison chart for the new Nokia Lumia mobile phones with a run down of features and hardware specifications. The Nokia Lumia 800 release date is set and the phones are on the market this holiday season so expect brisk sales of Windows phones as the number one software maker teams up with the number one handset maker and they try to topple the ginats of the mobile industry with the Apple iPhone and the Android platform which have a firm grip on the lead.

NOKIA Lumia 800
NOKIA Lumia 710
 Manufacturer Nokia Nokia

Seamless phone design curved glass and one-piece body

Floating 3.7″ ClearBlack AMOLED display

Carl Zeiss 8MP wide angle glass lens

Social integration so you can see all your friends in one place

Check price

Add applications, swap colours, swap covers

Get all your social network updates in one place

ClearBlack display lets you see clearly, even outdoors and in bright sunlight

See the web the way it’s meant to be seen

Check price

800×480 (ClearBlack floating 3.7″ AMOLED)
800×480 (ClearBlack 3.7″ WVGA)
1.4 GHz Single Core / Qualcomm
1.4 GHz Snapdragon Single Core
Yes (8MP, Carl Zeiss lens with LED flash, autofocus and HD video)
Yes (5MP with LED flash and autofocus)
Battery Life:
8 hours/16 days
8 hours/18 days
Buy the Nokia Lumia 800 or the Lumia 710 for a holiday gift and give the gift of awesome with the most powerful set of built in featiures on any mobile platform. the Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango software is jam packed with more than 500 new functions and features for any mobile super user to be impressed by.
Sales of Windows Mobile Phones are expected to increase this year as they posistion themselves in the market with other key players in an attempt to chip away at the leaders mrket share. For Microsoft to take back it;s old position as the top OS for mobile devices will take something close to a miracle but I think they might be ok with position 3 in the short term.
Are you thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia 800?

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Microsoft and Nokia announce partnership for two sinking ships

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Feb 122011
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An internal memo at Nokia recently described the company as a “burning oil platform” and Microsoft has failed miserably with Zune and Windows Phone so the two companies got together and decided that the best choice would be to link the companies and just like that Microsoft will have it’s oft maligned new operating system on phones with the largest handset maker in the world.

We have to assume they have been in talks for awhile but the timing is certainly strange when you consider how badly both companies need each other at the moment. Nokia was about to become irrelevant with more affordable smartphones hitting the market and their Mobile OS Symbian being rather far behind other choices such as Apple or the hot and popular Android. Microsoft has spent years and millions to redesign it’s mobile operating system while steadily losing all the ground they gained as the most popular choice early on in the industry.

Now they are having a hard time to get phone manufacturers on board with their new software for various reasons but Android being basically free must certainly weigh heavily in the choice on what software to install especially with an open format like Android that allows phone makers to freely modify the operating system unlike the proprietary software from Microsoft. Open source is gaining ground on copyright code and I could not be more excited about that.

Nokia, Microsoft in pact to rival Apple, Google – Yahoo! News

Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer said the partnership would give the team “more innovation, greater global reach and scale.”

“We need to, and we will, collaborate closely on development … so we can really align and drive the future revolution of the mobile phone,” he said.

The key challenge will be to come up with devices of a quality level and hip factor that helps position Windows Phone as an attractive alternative to iPhone or Android.

Windows Phone 7, which was launched last year, still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of both the number of users and the number of “apps” available for the phones.

Nokia said its expertise in developing new software with Microsoft will be “on top of the platform in areas such as imaging, where Nokia is a market leader.” Its map services will be a core part of the new device as will Microsoft’s Bing search engine, Nokia said.

Neil Mawston of London-based Strategy Analytics said Microsoft was the big winner in the partnership, by teaming up with the biggest mobile hardware vendor in the world.

“In terms of expanding their distribution reach, this is a huge win for Microsoft,” he said.

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Zune Software for Mac is Coming Zune

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Oct 142010
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After 3 long years it seems Microsoft has finally announced that they will be offering Zune software for Mac computers. The new logic most likely being why limit Windows 7 phone users to the worlds most popular operating system which should have been the exact same logic used to make Zune players work on Macintosh computers way back in November 2006 when the first Zune player was released.

Creating a hole in Macintosh computers that allowed the Microsoft media players operate on the competitors OS makes sense for most media device manufacturers but this seemed to escape the great minds at the worlds largest software maker. I think Zune adoption would have been greater if the Zune software had been released on Mac computers and even Linux based systems but it wasn’t and in the end Zune struggles to find a market. Any Mac owners ready to drop their iPhone or iPod?

Microsoft Annouces Zune App For Mac And Enhanced Facebook Partnership
In the report, Oppenheimer writes “On Wednesday, ZDNet reported that MSFT plans on releasing a Zune client application for Mac (NASDAQ: AAPL) computers. Not unlike Apple’s iTunes product, the Zune client app will be used to sync Windows Phone 7 devices with PCs, and with this future release, Macs as well. ZDNet indicated that the news was first discovered by a post on Twitter from a MSFT employee, which was subsequently removed from the website. However, when contacted by ZDNet about the post, MSFT confirmed the software would become available for Macs, stating “Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers.”"

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Bruno Mars Ringtones for your phone

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Sep 282010
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Bruno Mars is smoking with his hot new single blazing a trail on the pop charts. Bruno Mars videos are all the rage and it seems like everyone is a fan of this rising stars music. Jamster.com offers Bruno Mars ringtones for your phone which make it easy to carry your favorite tunes with you.

I chose the Bruno Mars ringtone over the many other choices that they offer because I wanted a song that reflected my feelings at the time and the song “Who is” just reminds me of the love and affection I share with my wife.

I downloaded the Bruno Mars ringtone for my wifes iPhone and I also added the same Bruno Mars ringtone to my Nokia so we can both have the same love song on our ophones when we call each other as we do so often during the day.

I can now listen to Bruno Mars ringtone every time she calls me and this allows me to think about her almost all day long. What more could you ask for from a simple downloadable ringtone? Are there any other Bruno Mars fans in here or am I the only one you know? If you have not heard of him check out Bruno Mars online today.

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