A Guide to the Gamers Universe – [infographic]

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Apr 232012
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Guide to the Gamers Universe

Guide to the Gamers Universe

A hard day at work? The children having tantrums from the minute they got up? The mother in law on the phone every five minutes? Need a few hours of escapism away from the stresses of every day life? That is where the amazing world of gaming can come in and transport you to a world of fantasy, even just for half on hour. The gamer’s universe is a world full of beautiful lands, unbelievable characters and a place where you can become the star and climb levels with your online friends. In fact, the advent of the Internet has made the gaming world full of new possibilities and goals with a whole online community out there ready to fight with or against you. From the days of the MegaDrive and Sonic the Hedgehog to the PS3 and Call of Duty, for the last forty years there has been a virtual world for us to go if real life gets too much. This infographic details the journey gaming has been on and shows us the amazing advances in the last few years.

This awesome infographic was brought to you by our friends;where you can find great hotels for your holiday.

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Handpresso Auto – Expresso Coffee Maker Machine for Automobiles

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Apr 092012
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The Handpresso Auto is a very cool new coffee maker designed for use in automobiles. The Handpresso Auto is a unique and impressive design with a very nice looking form factor and may well turn out to be the hot gift item for the daily driver on your holiday shopping list.

Handpresso Auto Coffee Maker and Expresso Machine

I mean who hasn’t craved a second cup of coffee on the road some days and thought how mice it would be to have a coffee maker in the car? I know that on more than one occasion I have wanted to have an expresso machine but the new Handpresso Auto is well beyond what I had in mind. The Handpresso has no coffee filters, no coffee pot to clean and it runs on 12volts so you can use it in any car.

Who wants to Buy Handpresso Auto for themselves or as a gift?

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Have you seen the YouTube Collection?

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Apr 012012
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YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

You gotta check out the YouTube Collection. It’s the bet holiday gift idea!!

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Cheap eyeglasses for a holiday gift idea?

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Dec 192011
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So do you think that a pair of cheap eyeglasses makes for a decent gift for a friend? I have this friend who needs some glasses and I wanted to get him a new pair of eyeglasses so he can do a better job at work because to be honest he might get fired if he does not improve his vision soon. I notice he’s been getting headaches and he claims he’s been saving the money to get the glasses but he sits in front of his computer all day squinting like he’s at the beach reading an iPad or something.

I feel bad for my friend and I want to buy him a pair of glasses but I don;t know how appropriate that might be. I guess when I call him a friend it’s more of a convenience because he’s not even really a friend as much as a co-worker i barely know but I think it would be a nice thing to do to buy him a new pair of eyeglasses considering he’s been nice wnough to hold the door open for me at least two times now. What is an act of kindness like that woth to you in life? SHould I spread the good fortune and holiday cheer with a new pair of glasses for my friend?

Companies like Zenni Optical have Holiday Themed Frames at discount prices with an easy to use search function. I thought it would be cool to buy a pair and have them shipped to him for Christmas although it might arrive late at this point. Have you checked out all the fantastic eyewear Zenni Optical has in stock?

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Buy nursing scrubs for women and men online

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Nov 042011
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The medical profession often relies upon the traditional scrub uniform but you can now buy custom nursing scrubs for men or women with affordable prices and fast shipping on scrub tops, pants and sets. Buying scrubs online has never been easier and you can now shop for any design and size you want from the comfort of home.

Do you have a friend or family member in the medical profession? Some fresh new designer scrubs would be the perfect holiday gift idea and with the easy shipping and affordable prices it could be the best gift you can give. I’m ordering a set for my wife and also a set for her to give to her friend Lisa that works at the hospital with her.

You can check them out online at

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Shopping for kids for Christmas 2011

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Nov 042011
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So I have been doing some thinking about gift ideas for the holidays and top of the list of course are 2011 Christmas Gifts for Kids as my young ones have had a rather lean year as far as gifts go so we decided to do some research on what the hot toys are for our two sons at least. Our daughter is only one so she won’t care for the latest and greatest but the boys are in new schools this year and they both have new social lives with friends and what not so they have been dressing better and trying more to be cool.

My 7 year old wants a mobile phone and my 12 year old wants a touchscreen tablet and neither one will be getting either of those gifts but I do have some ideas for others. I guess its not to early to be shopping for Christmas gift ideas 2011 because I have already seen holiday displays at the shopping mall.

Anyone have ideas or opinions on the best gift for an 6th grader?

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Compare the Nokia Lumia 800 with Lumia 710

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Nov 032011
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Compare Windows phones by Nokia

Here is a quick comparison chart for the new Nokia Lumia mobile phones with a run down of features and hardware specifications. The Nokia Lumia 800 release date is set and the phones are on the market this holiday season so expect brisk sales of Windows phones as the number one software maker teams up with the number one handset maker and they try to topple the ginats of the mobile industry with the Apple iPhone and the Android platform which have a firm grip on the lead.

NOKIA Lumia 800
NOKIA Lumia 710
 Manufacturer Nokia Nokia

Seamless phone design curved glass and one-piece body

Floating 3.7″ ClearBlack AMOLED display

Carl Zeiss 8MP wide angle glass lens

Social integration so you can see all your friends in one place

Check price

Add applications, swap colours, swap covers

Get all your social network updates in one place

ClearBlack display lets you see clearly, even outdoors and in bright sunlight

See the web the way it’s meant to be seen

Check price

800×480 (ClearBlack floating 3.7″ AMOLED)
800×480 (ClearBlack 3.7″ WVGA)
1.4 GHz Single Core / Qualcomm
1.4 GHz Snapdragon Single Core
Yes (8MP, Carl Zeiss lens with LED flash, autofocus and HD video)
Yes (5MP with LED flash and autofocus)
Battery Life:
8 hours/16 days
8 hours/18 days
Buy the Nokia Lumia 800 or the Lumia 710 for a holiday gift and give the gift of awesome with the most powerful set of built in featiures on any mobile platform. the Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango software is jam packed with more than 500 new functions and features for any mobile super user to be impressed by.
Sales of Windows Mobile Phones are expected to increase this year as they posistion themselves in the market with other key players in an attempt to chip away at the leaders mrket share. For Microsoft to take back it;s old position as the top OS for mobile devices will take something close to a miracle but I think they might be ok with position 3 in the short term.
Are you thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia 800?

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Buy the HTC Radar Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Smartphone

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Oct 162011
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Want a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Smartphone? You can buy the HTC Radar Smartphone online at for yourself or as the perfect holiday gift for that tech loving friend or family member.

The HTC Radar has garnered some rave reviews for it’s hardware features including a super fast VGA camera mounted on the frontside for streaming video conferencing on your Mango software and a powerful 5-megapixel camera on the back which features a fast F2.2 aperture, an backside illuminated sensor (BSI) for better quality low light shots and also a nice LED flash for crisp clear lighting.

The Radar shares many of the style features of other HTC smartphones including the Titan and other similar smart phones. The 3.8-inch display with WVGA resolution (800px x 480px) is slightly smaller than a full 4 inch screen but the difference is negligible and the resolution is more than adequate for general use. If you wanted to watch a lot of HD movies on your phone you would probably buy a different phone.


  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
  • Dual cameras with Video Conferencing
  • WVGA Resolution

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