Windows Phone 7.5 Mango: The fundamentals for starters

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Oct 082012
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This is for people that are not knowledgeable about Windows Phone. You can skip that if you are previously knowledgeable about Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango utilizes the particular lovely Metro UI along with Stay Floor tiles, which Ms is actually delivering up to Home windows 8 along with tablets at heart. It’s very instinctive, cheery, quickly and also fun to make use of. It’s low anxiety and also such as iOS, there’s not as much personalization because you will find on Android os. If you’re a tinkerer as well as want to make positive changes to Urinary incontinence as well as launchers and cargo a lot of icons, you could be bored stiff the following. However, if you want any perfect OS which is quick as well as steady with additional modification than iOS, continue reading.
Live Ceramic tiles can either be static (fast start placeholders with regard to apps, webpages and connections) or even reside ones that demonstrate you the present weather conditions, stocks, sports activities results and also breaking information. You are able to pin number virtually any app as a Floor tile on your desltop modify their purchase. You are able to alter the fall behind background shade regarding ceramic tiles and select the white or black qualifications. You can eliminate pre-installed applications (such as company bloatware) that you don’t need and you may eliminate those tiles from your homescreen. As opposed to a colour pallette of symbols such as iOS or perhaps an app bathroom drawer inside Google android, your total iphone app itemizing is simply in which: any text-based listing together with tiny symbols that springs open from the higher correct nook in alphabetical order. The guidelines are quite obvious and. Ms put a big focus on typography and also the fonts are great looking and also obvious. There isn’t any eye-port chrome or even 3 dimensional results in order to sluggish things down. It’s thoroughly clean, fresh and simple.
Microsof company is attempting to be since kind as Apple, and discharge key OS updates to be able to legacy devices, so you will not feel omitted within the chilly since your set up is 6 months or even a year old. Microsoft permits service providers in order to omit at the most A couple of updates (little ones together with insect treatments rely towards this allotment). That does not mean the yr old telephone will get the most recent Operating-system your day it emits; to date it’s obtained several months, but at least you typically will get this.

The quality computer software contains For example 9 cell together with HTML5 video clip assistance however no Adobe Flash (pricier this to come since Adobe has halted brand new mobile Display improvement and it is simply doing maintenance releases). For instance mobile made a great progress method because the very first House windows mobile phones, also it today will a capable and appealing career regarding rendering intricate desktop computer web sites. Pinch zooming is quick and water, and also the touch to be able to focus as well as text message reflow typically is effective when double-tapping to be able to zoom in.
Msn search and also maps take presctiption board, as well as Bing is actually a decent internet search engine. Also Yahoo Routes provides superb POIs and related location information plus the Neighborhood Search function that locates things near you (dining places, entertainment as well as retailers). You can download The major search engines research app, however, there is simply no Google Roadmaps with regard to Windows Phone.
Facebook and Twitter plug-in are fantastic, and also the Individuals Hub isn’t only about contacts, it’s a spot to check the most recent social network updates as well as publish your own improvements. It really is slick, quick and well built-in.
The HTC Titan 2 comes with the usual Microsoft zune songs and video clip participant on the telephone, a photo viewer and the Windows Phone Industry where you can obtain apps and audio. You connect media data files utilizing Zune Pc under Windows and also Windows Phone Connector Several below Mac OS X which syncs to be able to non-DRM iTunes content.
It is a Ms product, which means you have an e-mail client in which handles MS Exchange as well as Hotmail/Windows Stay Email properly, including press. In addition, it will the usual POP3 as well as IMAP along with Gmail. The telephone syncs for the impair for associates and also diary, not over USB. It is possible to synchronize to Home windows Reside solutions, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo connections as well as work schedule. It all is useful.
contains AT&T Sat nav, U-verse Mobile, AT&T (Pub)Signal Scanner, myWireless as well as AT&T Radio. You are able to remove any of these you do not need.

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Aug 062012
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What would shock “Mad Men’s” star Don Draper and his office colleagues the most if they were to land in an advertising office in the 21st century? That someone would immediately tell them to put out their cigarettes? That Peggy and Pete might well change places and she would be the “boss of him?” Or that the three martini lunch has long disappeared? Perhaps they would be unable to even comprehend the increase in the amount of money spent on marketing and ad campaigns from the 1960s to today. Check out these fascinating comparisons between the turn of the century world of Mad Men and what the advertising filed looks like today. The differences are quite striking. You may wonder if the changes are for the better or the worse, but what cannot be doubted is that change is here to stay. It is the watchword for the future in this business, so hold on to your hats!

Via: Carrington College’s Online Business Program

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5 Ways the Internet Has Revolutionized Music

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Jul 242012
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If you don’t stop to pay attention, changes in the music industry might not be noticeable. For a young person or teenager, there’s no difference at all. But if you grew up in the 80’s with Walkmans and MTV, you’ll definitely know how things have changed. We simply live in entirely different world, and people enjoy music in ways that were previously unimaginable. Needless to say, the Internet has played a vital role in all of this. It’s changed everything from the way we interact to the way we cook, and it has similarly revolutionized the music industry. It’s impossible to go back to the way things were, nor would anyone want to. Here are some of the ways music has been changed by the net forever.

Music Videos – music videos hit their peak in the late 80s and early 90s. They are still important today, but they don’t have the same cachet or appeal, probably because we’ve seen it all before. In the past, kids would watch MTV and hope their favorite videos would come on. Nowadays, all they have to do is click a few buttons and they can find their favorite videos on YouTube. In a strange way, so-called music channels like MTV and VH1 have become the home of reality television shows. YouTube has taken their place as the destination to visit if you want music videos.

Itunes – is there anyone who hasn’t used iTunes by now? There’s no other way to put it, the iPod and iTunes have totally changed things. Being able to easily access any music you like for a reasonable price has put traditional record stores in jeopardy. No one really seems to mind, and even vintage fans have found something to rave about when it comes to downloadable music. It’s changed marketing completely, and the most popular artists of the day know how to take advantage of it.

Illegal downloads – let’s not forget the dark side when it comes to the music industry and the Internet. There are still plenty of people illegally downloading music without paying for it. Company executives and artists claim they lose a lot of money on this, exactly how much is debatable. Some acts have made their music free online on purpose to appeal to their fans. Others have to tour more in order to make up for lost revenue. One thing is clear, the music industry is still a relatively strong despite illegal downloads. It seems that if you produce quality music and connect with your audience in some way, people will still buy your work.

Youtube Stars – even a decade ago, people would have to go through regular channels in order to become famous. Now you can do it all on your own with videos that you post on YouTube. Whether it’s a karaoke video, or something completely silly, there are everyday people getting millions of hits. And if you actually have talent, then you might actually find a career. That’s exactly what happened to Justin Bieber, and he still going strong today.

A More Social World – when you throw in blogging, Facebook, twitter, and social sharing, music has become a viral entity. Popular videos are shared right away, and people have a chance to post their own work like never before. There are also vibrant communities in separate niches that have rabid fans. Whether you love country music, karaoke singing, or Lady Gaga, there’s probably a website out there for you. Don’t forget about chat rooms, forums, and discussion boards either. Music isn’t just something you enjoy on your own anymore, it something that you find, discover, share, and love with thousands of people at the same time.

One great hobby that combines many of these elements together is karaoke. Not coincidentally, this article comes from our friends at where popular media and home fun come together. It’s a great place to visit for product reviews, entertainment news, and all things music related.

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A list of the best keywords online

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Oct 292008
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fire your boss
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free diploma
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You”re a winner

zero percent

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Who wants to be a Video Game Tester?

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Jun 092008
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So here is a cool career choice for some of our video game fans here in Zune land. Anyone looking for game tester jobs? I know I’d love to be paid for the massive hours of gaming I have logged and so would many of you I’m sure. Game Tester Guide offers tips and advice on how to become a video game tester with a focus on training us how to get a job as a game tester. A game tester you say? Yes, people actually get paid to play video games and game testing is an important part of proper video game development. The video game industry has become a muilti billion dollar market with almost unlimited growth potential.

It’s a new world and people are making a living doing some strange things but a game tester sounds like a good idea. Not only is a great idea for a website but it’s a great idea for some of the younger crowd who are looking at career choices in todays media driven market. Professional gaming is a legitimate choice for a select few but it is becoming a more accepted career choice for certain. With the rise in second generation console gaming and the popularity of massive player games online the industry seems poised for explosive growth and jobs in game development and testing seem a solid choice for those of us with the right skill set. I’m not a professional gamer or a game tester but the advice I picked up in their game tester guide seems solid and worthy of review by those of you interested in a career in gaming. I suggest you gamers get over to their site and check out what they are offering.

Game Tester Guide – Become a Video Game Tester & Beta Game Testing

Our sole purpose is to help you find a video game tester job. We have organized the best information on video game
testing. From how to become a game tester, to a listing of the best video game tester guide resources out there, to
information on what video game testing really is, and how to be a game tester.

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Zune MP3 Download – The Bittercups

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May 132008
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The Bittercups
The Bittercups

–Liza Hearon

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New Zune Music – Drew Tichnell

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May 282007
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Location: Austin, TX,
Description: Drew’s influences began at an early age from listening to her parents LP collection of great artists such as Otis Redding, Albert King, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers etc.

When Drew began playing on 6th St. in Austin Texas, many locals did not recognize the name or the attitude slinging melodies flowing into the street. However, that did not stop them from walking in and finding a fresh 19 yr. old skinny white chick on stage belting out her original tunes. Drew’s determination to share her music with the world started shortly after she recorded her debut album, Unfolding on Orange Stone Records in 2005. She packed her guitar and drove out of the Piney Woods of East Texas in search for a band.

Drew’s prolific writing ability allowed her to record her first album before she graduated from high school. Now with an original set of catchy melodies, Drew’s show is best described as a diverse power pop/rock  blend of the past and present with soulful sultry vocals and a bad-ass attitude



An avid songwriter and love for rock and soul, Drew’s set of original songs is an eclectic mix of powerful melodies so original with a great cross over appeal.  Drew will be recording her 2nd album in the Fall of 2006 with producer Tommy Spurlock.  A new set list and album will be available by 2007 as this 20 yr. old prodigy takes off with her musical career with touring and promoting in 2007.

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Zune MP3 Download – Alexx Calise

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May 262007
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Alexx Calise

Alexx Calise

MP3: Alexx Calise — My Song

If music were a meal, then Alexx Calise’s childhood was like dining at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

“I was brought up with a smorgasbord of different artists,” Calise said. “My family is extremely musical. They raised me on blues, jazz, rock, new age, world music.”

Listening to her parents’ extensive music collection and watching as her dad played the James Bond movie theme on his guitar has greatly contributed to Calise’s career trajectory. A former entertainment writer for several publications, Calise is putting journalism on the back burner to pursue the life of a rock ‘n’ roller.

Calise describes her original compositions as a reflection of her persona — passionate, biting and with an edge.

“I write from life,” said Calise, whose musical influences include Buck Cherry, Aerosmith, Heart, Joan Jett and Stone Temple Pilots.

Calise is completing her debut CD, Morning Pill. She began writing songs for the album in 2003. Visit

– Beth Feinstein-Bartl

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