Oct 092012
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Are you an agent searching for the best EA exam prep and enrolled agent study guide? Are you aware of the fact that the Internal Revenue Service has new rules for all tax professionals?

Fast Forward  Academy provides you with an industry leading learning platform that is guaranteed to help you prepare better for your required EA exam and it can do so better than any other training method.  Fast Forward offers both printed education materials as well as online learning tools to help you meet the requirements of the IRS and stay on top on your testing requirements.

This allows all types of students to take advantage of the vast resources available for continued education while working in a manner they deem most comfortable.

Is online learning the ticket for you? That’s awesome because Fast Forward has some of the best online teaching aids and learning tools so that you can get the work done on your time and pass the tests when the time comes. Do you still prefer paper books for learning? Book learning is still very popular with both new and older students who want to grab a good book and sit at home while preparing for their exams. Regardless of which you want Fast Forward has the right suite of tools for you to use to stay on top of your education.


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