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KIN Phones are dead on arrival

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Jul 172010
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It’s with such sadness that I have to admit the KIN phones no matter how cool they were they had no chance at all of making it. I mean from the very beginning who wants a new phone from some unknown name brand like Kin? The phones could be the absolute coolest device ever made and they had no chance against the marketing and name recognition of Apple or even Windows Mobile which seems dead or dying on its own.

Now that Microsoft has officially announced the death of Kin I am hopeful they will get back on board with Zune phones and cave to the pressure of Zune fans around the world who want a phone with the Zune music service built right in. Why they chose to offer some other brand for their new phone line makes little to no sense to me but they did. I expect the recent job loss from top guys like Robbie Bach, who was pivotal in the Entertainment and Devices Division, and even the guru J Allard has much to do with the poor performance of Zune and Kin. if not for the ever popular Xbox the entire division would be a bust. Heck why not stick with that brand and give us a gamephone instead? Would you buy and Xbox phone? I know I would!!

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Is Microsoft Mobile Strategy a mess or what?

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Jun 212010
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I read the article below and had to agree that Microsoft has made a real mess of their Mobile division and I think it all started with the failed launch of Zune way back in 2006. Sure they may have had some issues before that but when the Zune bombed it really hurt the momentum they had built up with Windows CE. I think Zune was supposed to hold us over while they tweaked Windows Mobile for the upcoming phone but the lackluster performance of Zune caused the poor decision to abandon the name as the mobile line and in the end they became to fragmented.

KIN Phones are cool but they should have been Zune phones and they should have been out at least in 2008. If we had to wait that long for a new phone design it should have been light years beyond anything on the market and its not. I hope they can bring some things together and get this all sorted soon or I’ll have to buy a Android phone and move on with my life.

Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy Isn’t A Strategy. It’s A Mess

In a year in which Microsoft is transitioning from the lackluster Windows Mobile
to the more promising Windows Phone 7, one might expect some form of cohesive mobile strategy from the software giant. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening. Microsoft has a slew of overlapping mobile products shipping this year, and it seems like a new mobile platform is introduced almost every week. What the heck is going on?

The impetus for this question was the announcement late last week that Microsoft would soon deliver something called Windows Embedded Handheld, yet another mobile software platform and brand built on the same underpinnings as the obsolete Windows Mobile 6.5 and aimed at the nebulous market for “enterprise handheld devices.” And there will be a second version of this down the road based on the Embedded 7 series mobile core.


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Windows Mobile 7 is Zune, Mobile Xbox, and Phone

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Feb 162010
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DailyTech – Windows Mobile 7 is Zune, Mobile Xbox, and Phone in One Chic Package

New mobile OS from Microsoft to launch this holiday season, hardware will be consistently high quality

There’s a sort of beautiful symmetry in Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system announcement which aired today at the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Holiday season 2009 Microsoft unleashed Windows 7, a desktop operating system that turned people’s preconceptions upside down and fueled unprecedented sales. This year it will look to do the same, with the release of Windows Mobile 7.

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Windows Mobile to feature Xbox Live Integration

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Dec 302009
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job listings seem to point to better integration between Windows Mobile devices and Xbox Live as a future goal for Microsoft. Funny thing to me is that it seems that maybe they should already have had someoen working on this. I hope this job position is actually a replacement for the guy who has been dragging his feet with mobile gaming at Microsoft.

Microsoft to integrate Windows Mobile, Xbox Live | Electronista

Microsoft has committed itself to developing Windows Mobile as a more substantial gaming platform, according to a pair of freshly discovered job listings. A post for a Principal Program Manager is the most significant and would task the recruit with bringing “Xbox Live enabled games” to Windows Mobile phones. The move wouldn’t result in Xbox-quality games but instead linking them to the social aspects of the service, including avatars, social elements and “multi-screen experiences.”

Simultaneously, a Software Test Engineer position is less specific about Xbox Live integration but does seek help creating the mobile gaming experience at Microsoft and puts a focus on a phone’s “always connected Internet” as a cornerstone of the platform.

The moves would not just address a common complaint of Microsoft’s various platforms being isolated from each other but a significant deficit in gaming for Windows Mobile. Despite having full 3D support and even getting help from companies like NVIDIA in receiving gaming-friendly hardware, the mobile OS has trailed platforms like iPhone and Android not just in the number of games available but also relative quality, as most commercial-level games aren’t developed for Windows Mobile. Microsoft’s strongest commitment to mobile gaming has been the launch of Zune HD games that themselves are only carefully hand-picked titles.


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More Zune phone evidence as Microsoft buys Tellme Networks

Mar 142007
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Microsoft today announced their reported $800 million acquisition of Tellme Networks, Inc., a leading provider of voice services for everyday life, including nationwide directory assistance, enterprise customer service and voice-enabled mobile search.

It’s not a Zune phone announcement but for those with some idea of their plans for the Live Anywhere Initiative this purchase is all about the Zune phone and other portable devices to come later. Voice enabled search would certainly give the Zune phone an advantage over the Google Phone in regards to it’s search abilities and cuts out many advantages of what they might offer with Apple on the iPhone.

A voice activated search and directory feature goes beyond just the phone and would integrate well into the Xbox Live service also I would think. Integrating voice activated commands into the Live gaming arena would be an awesome new feature with the loads of functions and content available. Beyond searching for games and players via voice command they can also integrate the same technology to assist in navigation and layout.

Microsoft to Acquire Tellme Networks: Combined expertise will bring the power of voice technology to everyday life.

Potential areas of development resulting from the deal will range from hosted voice-enabled customer service solutions that complement Microsoft’s existing unified communications offerings to voice user interfaces in existing Microsoft products to search services on mobile phones that integrate with Live Search for mobile offerings. In addition, developers and partners will be able to build new speech-based solutions on top of a scalable, standards-based voice-enabled applications platform.

TellMe Networks offers Microsoft much more than just the voice search capabilities and use on the Zune phone and portable devices. Microsoft has struggled for some time with development of decent speech recognition software and suffered an embarrassing episode during the pre launch of Windows Vista when the much touted new speech abilities went haywire in a public demo. Microsoft is certain to want to use the technology across their entire platform of products and services and they spell out a few items here in this excerpt from their press release.

Microsoft to Acquire Tellme Networks: Combined expertise will bring the power of voice technology to everyday life.

This acquisition will mark an important step forward in Microsoft’s strategy for delivering software plus services that put people at the center of technology solutions in the office, at home and on the go. For more than a decade, Microsoft has enabled speech, handwriting and touch as forms of natural user input, making computing and digital devices easier to use. Combining Tellme’s technologies with Microsoft’s existing and future products and services will help improve the way people use voice to find, use and share information:

  • Unified communications. Tellme’s voice-enabled services and solutions for enterprise customers complement Microsoft’s unified communications voice services portfolio. This will allow customers and industry partners to build highly scalable voice solutions that leverage rich identity, presence, messaging and application integration.
  • Speech platform. Tellme’s robust voice-enabled platform helps open new doors for Microsoft’s hundreds of thousands of developers and partners to build innovative speech solutions based on open standards.
  • Mobile services and search. Tellme’s speech expertise and work in mobile search, combined with Microsoft’s innovative local and mobile search offerings, will help take the mobile search usability experience to the next level.
  • Software plus services. In the long term, Tellme technology will enhance Microsoft’s many voice-enabled applications, including the Windows Vistaâ„¢ operating system, the Microsoft Office system, and mobile applications such as Windows Mobile® and Windows® Automotive.
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Zune Phone with Windows Mobile 6?

Feb 092007
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With all the talk about the Zune phone filing at the FCC some may miss that we’re getting a new version of Windows Mobile that will most likely show up in the new Microsoft SmartPhone. The Zune Music Phone will most likely sport the newest and most robust mobile operating system the Microsoft makes and Mobile Windows 6 will be that version.

PC World – Windows Mobile 6 Available Soon

A new version of Windows Mobile with mostly minor interface and productivity enhancements will begin appearing on smart phones by midyear, Microsoft executives say.

Windows Mobile 6–previously known by the code name Crossbow–will make its formal debut at 3GSM, a major cell phone trade show that begins Monday in Barcelona, Spain. But details are already being widely reported.

A number of key improvements in Windows Mobile 6 will only benefit enterprise customers whose businesses invest in Exchange Server 2007. For example, with Windows Mobile 6 you search your Exchange 2007 mail folder remotely.

But Microsoft has also tried to make e-mail management easier for all Windows Mobile users. Setting up an e-mail account requires fewer clicks than ever, as you can begin the process from the main Messaging screen. A number of e-mail commands have been streamlined into shortcuts. You can also view a history of your activity with any of your contacts.

You can easily apply flags to messages, and address book entries show a history of your contact with them.
Office Mobile Suite

The Windows Mobile versions of key Microsoft Office apps–Word, Excel, and PowerPoint–have been beefed up slightly. You can now edit data in an Excel spreadsheet (although you can’t create formulas or new spreadsheets).

The calendar application now checks for schedule conflicts when you get an invitation. And borrowing from the new desktop editions of Office (2007), Windows Mobile 6′s calendar sports a vaguely ribbon-like interface that shows your free time during a day.

One improvement with crowd-pleasing potential: Microsoft says it has made it much easier to use a Bluetooth-enabled Windows Mobile smartphone as a modem. The devices now support 320-by-320 displays (previously Windows Mobile’s closest option was a 240-by-240 display, although it did support other resolutions).

Windows Mobile 6 devices are also designed to afford easy access to Windows Live features.

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Zune Phone in the works according to

Feb 022007
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According to a tipster at our friends at Microsoft are hard at work on the Zune Phone. Of course they are just beginning development and we should not expect to see it until sometime next year but rumor has it we may be able to expect it in time for Holidays 2007 which seems kinda rushed to me but who knows how long they have been working on it anyway.

I’m excited about what a Zune phone will bring to the market and I’m hopeful they address some of the obviou8s issues with iPhone including storage capacity and pricing. I think $500 puts the iPhone outside of the reach of many consumers and I would like to see the Zune phone come in at a lesser price point. Of course the device will most likely pretty advanced and we won’t want it be cheap but Microsoft may be able to offset the cost with phone plans unlike Apple seems willing to do with their vendors. I think key to4 Zune success is getting more units out there and a Zune phone can sure help make it a more popular device.

CrunchGear » Blog Archive » Source: Microsoft Zune Phone In the Works

We’ve just received a sound tip that Microsoft is working on its very own phone to be branded under the Zune moniker. Our tipsters inform us that Microsoft execs are in meetings today hammering out details of the device and developing strategies and timescales for its release.

Seeing as that the development has hardly started, little is known yet about the Zune Phone, but there are some details that seem solid thus far.

This is what we know:

It will be a smartphone that works homogeneously with the Zune marketplace. It will most likely not, however, run Windows Mobile. Rather it’ll make use of an interface similar to the current Zune, an interface that I consider among the best available on audio players—I’m sure it can transition to a phone easily.

Connectivity is the major concern of the device. It is said that it will be able to sync with the Xbox 360 and stream video from the system to the phone via a wireless data connection. This would be pivotal in Microsoft’s proliferation of its media ambitions. Not only does it already have millions of 360s in homes capable of downloading movies, it’d be able to distribute those videos directly to its phones. Cool stuff.

The other detail that seems certain at this point is that the device will, if things go as planned, be available for the ‘07 holiday season, which seems like a decent time line. That gives Microsoft about nine months to get everything together, an entirely possible feat.

With the Apple iPhone is set to drop in June, and the Microsoft Zune Phone near December, this year is gearing up to be highly prolific for the cellular industry. What effect do you all think this will have on the scheme of things? Who do you think will deliver a better product (and I don’t want “just because” answers)? Rational thought here, please.

This information is as definite as tips can be.

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Zune Answers

Nov 042006
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What we are positive of…
The FM Radio will support North American, European, and Japanese Frequencies
The Zune will have a Li-Ion battery
Microsoft has selected Toshiba to help provide Zune hardware
Zune users cannot purchase songs on the go from the Microsoft Zune Web site
Zune will be launched on Nov. 14, 2006
The Zune media device will be drive-based, and have WiFi (802.11 b/g) connectivity     
The Zune will have a 30 Giga-Byte Hard Drive                 
The Zune will be available in 3 different colors, black, brown (chocolate), and white
The Zune will have purchasable magnetic headphones.
The Zune has a LCD high resolution screen, the screen is 3.00 inches diagonal
The Zune will have a built-in FM radio tuner
The Zune will have TV output connectivity
The Zune will have a dedicated song download site –                                         The Zune will have a mode called DJ Mode (broadcast what you are listening to)
It will coat $15 a month for the Zune Pass Service
The Zune Home AV Pack will cost $100 What we think we know (Aren’t Positive of Yet)
The Zune might have a 400MHz DSP processor (Most likely to be a little lower)
The Zune might have Xbox Live Anywhere integration.
Microsoft will try to buy your way out of iTunes in order to convert you to a Zune user.
Free Downloads might be available with the purchase of a new Zune (limited time)
The Zune has a might be like a…”A Microsoft portable Music Device”
The Zune will run a program called “Windows Mobile” What we don’t know yet (No clue if they are true or just rumors)
The Zune MIGHT (slim chance) have XM or Sirius satellite services built in.
The Zune might have VoIP capabilitiesDefinitions

VoIP: Also know as Voice over Internet Protocol is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or through any other IP-based network in such case of WiFi.

Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile is a compact operating system combined with a suite of basic applications for mobile devices based on the Microsoft Win32 API. Devices which run Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and Portable Media Centers. It is designed to be somewhat similar to desktop versions of Windows.

Anti-Shock: A common software and integrated into the hard drive to help prevent the crash of your hard drive. By detecting sudden movements (similar to dropping the Zune) the software will automatically kick in and help “cushion” the fall by placing the hard drive into a low battery use state, so if it is to have bad effects they won’t be as bad cause its as if the Zune is almost off.


Zune Home AV Pack – Zune Dock, Zune Remote, AV Cables, an Extra Battery, a Sync Cable, and an AC Adapter
Zune Travel Pack – Dual Connect Remote, Gear Bag, AC Adapter, Sync Cable, and Premium Headphones
Zune Car Pack – FM Tuner (with Auto Seek) & a Car Charger

Zune Sync Cable – $20
Zune Dual Connect Remote – $30
Zune Wireless Remote for Dock – $30
Zune FM Transmitter with Auto Seek – $70
Zune Sync Cable – $20
Car Charger – $25
Zune AV Output Cable – $20
Zune Premium Headphones – $40
Zune Gear Bag – $30
Zune AC Adapter – $30
Zune Wireless Adapter – $100

Note: Amazon has recently been dropping the prices of all accessories, so the prices listed above may not be completly accurate. Also note that most of the “rumors” in the What we don’t know yet section, are probably not going to happen but will probably be in future Zune’s

View the topic in the Accessories Forum section for a detailed description and pictures of the Zune’s Accessories.

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