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New Zune Music – Ghost in the Machine

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Apr 292007
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Location: milwaukee, wi, usa
Description: The voice of GITM takes you on a journey through the dark side. You witness what happens inside the machine – love and hate, oppression and enlightenment wove into crafted songs with thundering grooves, heavy guitars and lush electronics.

Milwaukee’s Ghost in the Machine is the new storm front in the fusion of Rock and Electronica (of various flavors). Ghost in the Machine’s “Rocktronica” fuses the crunchy Aggro punch of Modern Rock, Metal and Hard Rock, the moody atmosphere of Goth and the Post-modern approach of Industrial, Techno and Electronica. The resulting sound is hybrid but one would never know it if one went looking for seams. There are none. The fusion is brilliant and perfectly mixed, not to mention original with an eye toward trailblazing.

Ghost in the Machine states: “Music makes us feel invigorated. It motivates and drives us. It also angers and saddens us. It’s really another sense by which we experience the world around us.” Ghost in the Machine understands fully how music reflects life  both the good and the bad, hence the invigoration stirring in a context of shadows  and brings this understanding through music to help communicate all this to the listener.

For fueling its Electro-rock fusions, Ghost in the Machine turns to life in all its facets and the reflector of life  music itself, of all styles. In Ghost in the Machine’s view, “Music is another sense to experience the world; thus, life and music are intimately intertwined.” By casting a wide net and bringing it to bear with utmost focus, Ghost in the Machine crafts lean, mean compositions that bring a magnifying glass to life’s complexities and do so with keen listener appeal.


Ghost in the Machine unleashed in 1998 its self-titled debut EP upon an audience of listeners that quickly made it a success. Following the success of “Ghost in the Machine”, the following year saw the release of the band’s full-length effort, “The Haunting Begins”. It brought significant recognition to the band, which saw itself rise to prominence in charts at sites such as, and 2005 saw the release of “The Repo Session”. The band has just released “The One Within” CD for fan consumption and work is on track for a new CD, its tentative title being “Out of Body”.

Ghost in the Machine has proven its worth over and over with the acclaim that its songs have brought. Many of them have appeared on network and cable television on channels such as The Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, and The Sci-Fi Channel. Songs such as “Supergod” and “Redemption” have been chosen by corporations such as NIKE, MasterCraft and BEST BUY for DVD programs. Additionally, “Invincible” and “Embrace” have placed in international songwriting competitions, while “Rodeo” and “Second Coming” have been features and chart toppers on sites such as and The band’s cover of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” has also been recognized as a fan favorite. And that’s just a portion of the group’s acclaim! Ghost in the Machine is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Ghost in the Machine brings fresh ideas to the table and shows what electronic-based music and rock and roll can do together.” – A&R Select



808 Multi Media


Milwaukee, WI
October 1, 2006

Ghost in the Machine, Rocktronica and Industrial Rock band from Milwaukee, WI USA, has released The One Within. Ghost in the Machine is back to haunt you again! The One Within features ‘Contact’, ‘Invincible’ and an Industrial Rock cover of ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man’.

The sound of Ghost in the Machine has matured into an electrifying sonic force to be reckoned with. With Chris Weerts on vocals, RJ Thompson sharing axe duties and Mike Kern creating the bass foundation, they have added new elements and dimension to facilitate their musical evolution. One thing has remained the same, there is no genre to completely describe Ghost in the Machine. They fuse electro, dance, metal, techno, industrial, urban& But their interpretation is modern and progressive  a style they have embraced as “Rocktronica”.

Ghost in the Machine is gaining momentum in the music industry. In addition to releasing The One Session, Ghost in the Machine has had many song placements in various media. Licensors include Spike TV, NIKE, MTV, VH1, Tokyopop’s Initial D, The Sci-Fi Channel and others. Ghost in the Machine is also in the process of writing music for several independent films.

The One Within can be found at, and also through most major digital download services such as iTunes, MSN, etc. More distribution options will follow.

Ghost in the Machine


The One Within, the third installment from GITM, blends genres and illustrates the evolution and progression that the band is known for. Not restricting artistic and creative impulses, The One Within covers the sonic spectrum. Highlights include: Industrial Metal songs such as “Monster” and “Kill Site”, and Electronica and Club songs such as “Three” and “Invincible”. Of course GITM’s trademark Rocktronica sound is represented by songs such as “Contact” and “Confession”. The disc closes with an Industrial Rock cover version of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”. The One Within holds something for everyone that hasn’t been heard before. The One Within is available at now and will be available soon at and digital download services such as iTunes.

GITMs “Invincible” recieves an honorable mention in the 14th Annual 2005 Billboard World Songwriting contest!

GITMs “Invincible” is a Top 20 finalist in 2005 Unisong International Songwriting contest! Competition was fierce, but “Invincible” stood out from the pack.

Several GITM songs including “Rodeo”, “Second Coming (Trail mix)” and “The One You Love” have received featured genre placements and been claimed residence in the Top 10 of the charts at

Some GITM song placements for 2006:

  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in “Power Rangers Mystic Force”
  • GITMs “Backlash was featured in MTV’s “Making the Band IV”
  • GITMs “Rokstar” was featured in MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”
  • GITMs “Revolution” and “Rokstar” were featured in HGTV’s “That’s Clever”
  • GITMs “Redemption” was featured in The Discovery Channel’s “Conspiracy Files”
  • GITMs “Standalone” was featured in The Discovery Channel’s “The Bourdain Experience: Food & Loathing in Las Vegas”
  • GITMs “Second Coming (Trail mix)” was featured in The History Channel’s “History of Hell: The Devil’s Domain”
  • GITMs “Redemption” was featured in YES’ “YES Ultimate Road Trip”
  • GITMs “Backlash” was featured in NBC/TLC’s “Maximum Disclosure”
  • GITMs “Standalone” was featured in The Travel Channel’s “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”
  • GITMs “Death’s Second Self” was featured in VH1′s “Big in 2005″
  • GITMs “Rokstar” was featured in VH1′s “Kept”
  • GITMs “Rokstar” was featured in MTV’s “MTV Presents: The World of Aeon Flux”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in MTV’s “From Game to Fame: The CPL World Tour Finals”
  • GITMs “Backlash” and “Death’s Second Self” were featured in VH1′s “Breaking Bonaduce”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in Spike TV’s “Video Game Awards Show”!
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” and “Rodeo” were featured in VH1′s “Best Week Ever”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in MTV2′s “WildBoyz”
  • GITMs “Wish” was featured in A&E’s “The Secret Life of Vampires”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in an episode of MTV’s “Room Raiders”
  • GITMs “Embrace” was featured in the Discovery Health Channel’s “Strictly Sex with Dr Drew”
  • GITMs “Redemption” was featured on BEST BUY’s Serenity DVD
  • GITMs “Everyone is Dead” and “Garden of Stone” were featured in MTV’s “NEXT”

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New Zune colors pics released. Pink is sweet!

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Apr 062007
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Pics are out for the new Zune colors. I really like the Pink Zune. I think MAX needs a friend!

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Zune April Fools?

Apr 022007
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Yesterday I announced the second winner of our Free Zune Giveaway and since it fell on April Fools Day I decided to have some fun with the announcement. Giveaway winners are posted in the forum and I announced the topic to every registered member with the misleading title “You won a Free Zune from” which I thought was funny but I guess one or two of you didn’t. One guy cursed me pretty bad actually but he appears to have issues. Not all Zuners are cool It seems.

I had some fun yesterday just checking some of the other April Foolishness and saw the fun Google and Slashdot had with it. Late last night I read a story on Slashdot that caught my eye. titled “Microsoft set to Announce Zune 360 and 180” describes an article written by BlueBerry Bob title “Zune – set for a revamp“. In this article Bob claims that Microsoft is holding back plans for the current Zuner device because of the impending release of two new devices named the Zune 360 and the Zune 180. The Zune 360 is said to be a touchscreen video player with a full face screen and increased capacity and the 180 is a smaller Nano style player.

When I read the article late last night I thought it was an April Fools gag but now I’m wondering if I was the fool. I reread the article today after I found sites like TheInquirer going with the story and if it is a gag it’s well done. If it’s not what Microsoft has planned then maybe it is what they need to be doing at least. As it stands I have no idea whether it’s true or not but I do agree with their conclusion.

There’s not enough information to say whether the new Zunes will be a success but if this information is accurate the new models will be a major improvement over the original. This could mean some much needed competition in the portable music player market.

Zune – Set for a revamp

Microsoft’s Zune was released in the US in November 2006 and sales have been disappointing so far, in fact except for the launch week there’s been no week where the Zune has sold over 1000 units. A lot of problems with the Zune are caused by perception (a lot of people think they’re only available in brown), pricing (same price as an iPod – people will only pay a premium for the market leader) and the defective by design wireless sharing which adds bulk to the product without providing any useful purpose. The roll out to the rest of the world has been temporarily suspended while Microsoft finalize plans for the Zune 360 bringing them parity with their successful Xbox line of consoles. As yet, no information has been leaked so we have no pictures of this new product, but it is planned to be released in June and in a break from typical Microsoft style of announce plans early and often they’ve decided to follow a more secretive Apple style approach. Still, it’s amazing what information you can get out of a Microsoft rep if you feed them 10 bottles of Duvel, for some of them 2 bottles will even do.

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Zune Marketplace is awesome

Mar 272007
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The greatest thing about the Microsoft Zune is the amount of music you have at your fingertips. With more than 2 million tracks available, Zune represents every genre of music for those who crave diversity. Not only is the large selection of tracks one of the biggest perks, but the most noteworthy part of Zune is its partnership with Billboard. With this partnership you can bring back those memorable songs from the past with six decades worth of songs to choose from.

The benefits do not stop there as Zune not only offers great selection but with Zune, you are able to play music files, display videos and images, and receive FM radio, as well. The Zune also has the capacity to connect wirelessly and via the Xbox 360.

The Zune is an entirely new market for Microsoft has gotten much criticism and does not have the cult following of Apple Computer’s iPod. However, Zune’s biggest competition out there, iTunes, is giving the newcomer a run for its money. iTunes, released in 2001, used primarily for organizing digital music and video files, is a name even the technologically challenged can identity.

When it comes to Zune, many people are still unaware of its existence. The biggest problem for Zune is the lack of exposure it is receiving. If you were to ask your average consumer about Zune, a dumbfounded look is what you might get. Apple’s five year start is partly responsible for its major success. It has had ample time to perfect its technology, yielding maximum performance and profitable sales.

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Contest and Giveaway Roundup

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Mar 262007
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Looks like a few Zune websites I visit regularly have some cool contests going on right now. Here goes:

  • First up, ‘Max is doing a drawing for a Zune player. If you already have a Zune, tell a friend!

  • You can also win a Zune player by mentioning Zune in your blogsite, and then leaving a comment on A Yoga Coffee Outlook.

  • Generation Zune and IWAPZ are teaming up to bring you The Pink Power Challenge: 2.

  • And last but certainly not least, our buddies at Zunecorps want to give away a Speck case.

Did I miss any? Let me know; I’ll edit the post. Who knows, if there are enough of these, I’ll maybe create a weekly post called “Free stuff monday” (or something more clever.)

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Zune Phone on the way from Microsoft

Mar 232007
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Microsoft’s newest gadget, the “Zune phone”, which isn’t a phone, is still in the making, but is so appealing that it is already turning heads. Well, if you haven’t heard yet, the device is said to be used as broadband and networking by consumers. It uses OFDM, which is its communications protocol, instead of Bluetooth or WiFi. The orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), is a scheme that is going to be used with the 4G standards that is going to be coming up far into the future.

The Zune phone will allow you to talk to people over the Internet. How cool is that? You will also be able to share music with others who have it, not through WiFi, but with WiMax. The Zune phone will have you downloading from the net at speeds as high as 2 Mbps. With those speeds you would have ultimate streaming for playing video games.

There should be an announcement by St. Patrick’s Day about its actual name. Then we will also be informed about all of the launch specifics. So far, all we know is that it should hit the shelves sometime in May of 2007 in the U.S., and 2008 in Europe. At this point, the features are still a mystery and are still being created as we speak. It is also said that the Zune phone is to be different than all of its competitors, including iPhone.

Speaking of Apple products, the Zune phone was Microsoft’s response to Apple’s iPhone. Apple actually held onto the iPhone to do more work with it, and decided to also release it in 2007. If you ask me, it seems Apple was trying to cheat. Here are a few things that would really help Zune phone beat the iPhone:

1. Touch Screen
2. Live anywhere over 3G, which would allow gamers to play on XBOX through the Zune phone.
3. Vista Sideshow capability.
4. Streaming from Media Center or XBOX

There is word going around that when the Zune phone is dropped, Sprint/Nextel will be its carrier. It will most likely spread to other wireless carriers, but probably not Cingular since iPhone is going to be released to it. One way Microsoft is sure to beat them with is price. It is rumored that the iPhone will be ranging around $600-$800, while the Zune phone will have prices close to that of the PS3.

Share in top social networks! | The Kooks – Artist Profile

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Mar 112007
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The Kooks, formed by Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Max Rafferty, and Paul Garred, met while attending U.K.-based Brighton Music College in the mid-2000s. “The idea from when we started the band was to be quite eclectic and open-minded,” said lead singer Luke Pritchard.

After writing hundreds of songs since their beginning as a school project in 2003, the British foursome released their first single, “Eddie’s Gun,” in 2005. “The Sofa Song” was released short after landing on the Top 30 list on the U.K. singles chart.

Sounding like a more energetic Thrillsand a less severe Arctic Monkeys, the foursome is also heavily influenced by classic rock. The full-length, Inside In/ Inside Out, was released in the U.K. in January and brought to the U.S. in October 2006.

Preview and download The Kooks’ songs on Zune Marketplace today.

Share in top social networks! music news community

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Mar 092007
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As much as I wish we could be cannot be the everything website and we often need to refer to other blogs for music industry news. Finding music news and reviews online is pretty easy these days and the number of music blogs grows by the second. New technologies like RSS make it pretty simple for us to include news on just about nay topic on our website but finding quality news content in the sea of copycat websites has become a feat itself. Using the internet to search for new music and bands online is not new but the sheer volume of new websites offering the same articles and reviews over and over has created a vacuum in the market for fresh original music content.

A good music blog in today’s market should offer timely well written music articles and reviews. Shoutmouth is a new music community with up to date fresh news and current events in the music industry. The team of 5 writers offers excellent commentary on the music business and keeps you up to date on who’s who and what’s happening on the music scene. Today’s articles on the 10th anniversary of Biggie Smalls death and upcoming Beastie Boys tour and album were great information that I did not read anywhere else today. Shoutmouth is a fresh new voice on the music blogosphere and you need to check out their Shoutmouth Music News right now!

Shoutmouth Music News

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