The Microsoft Kinect video motion controller for Xbox game consoles is the hottest accessory for 2011 and a sure fire hit for gamers from all around the world. Kinect hacks are available to do all sorts of custom actions with your new motion control camera.

Kinect a hit on Xbox 360 with one million units sold in 10 days

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Nov 162010
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Microsoft may have a hit on their hands with the Kinect game controller after posting sales results of 1 million units for the first 10 days available. it seems they are well on their way to meeting sales forecasts of 5 million units sold before the years end and Kinect may be the hot item for Xbox fans.

A million units in 10 days is a huge start for Kinect and there may be some strength to the claims made about the Kinect being the next generation game controller or should we call it the non controller due to the hands free game play the Kinect camera. A million units this early into the pre holiday season looks great for Microsoft when you consider other hot releases available right now. The latest Call of Duty Black Ops had a 360 million dollar day on it’s release as was expected with much of that on the Xbox 360 according to Amazon.

Those are some powerful numbers for Microsoft and Xbox to be pulling down in the pre holiday shopping season and if they can keep going strong it should be banner year for Xbox. Microsoft may have the right mix of hits and accessories to increase it’s lead over competing consoles and pull ahead of the pack with Xbox 360 as a home entertainment platform. Anyone of you a Kinect user?

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360: One Million Units Sold in 10 Days – DeviceMAG

Microsoft’s motion sensing controller, the Kinect, has managed to hit the an amazing milestone by selling one million units in only 10 days — “a great start to the holiday season,” said Don Mattrick, President of Interactive Entertainment Business.

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360: One Million Units Sold in 10 DaysDeveloped specifically for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Kinect has been released into the North American market on November 4. Europe followed shortly, a week after on November 10, and Asia, New Zealand and Australia are getting it this week on November 18.

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Microsoft Project Natal released as Microsoft Kinect

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Jun 162010
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Microsoft is taking over E3 2K10 with a number of new release products including a slim Xbox 360 and the much anticipated Project Natal which has been released under the new name of Microsoft Kinect and it looks like once again the gaming division of the embattled corporation is taking charge and making waves in their respective industry.

Microsoft Kinect is an incredible new game control system utilizing high powered cameras to capture live motion from the game player so in effect you become the game controller in a whole new world of console and online games. Kinect is uber cool even if not perfect it does an amazing job of capturing motion and transmitting this to responsive feel which is far more sensitive than current motion sensors in Wii remotes.

It’s a given that younger children are going to love seeing their body and motions on a big screen tv and the ability to move around and control the game play should make kids addicted to their game console even more than ever. I know on more than one morening my kids have woken up and turned on the Xbox for some Crash and Burn before breakfast. In the future they may do their morning exercise in front of the Xbox as they follow along with the Taebo guy or maybe an MMA workout.

How cool the Kinect is remains to be seen but if they can make it so I’m running around a combat field playing Modern Warfare 2 you can bet your butt I’ll have one hooked up in my house :)

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