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Free games at GameHouse

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Jul 032011
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Every single day of the year GameHouse offers up a brand new free game that you can download to your computer and play for free for the rest of your life but there is a catch to it, each free game is only going to be made accessible for just 24 hours so you have to visit their site and check back everyday for the next free downloadable game.

It’s a pretty awesome deal when you consider all you have to do is visit the Game House free games website and download a new game every day. There really is no excuse for having nothing to do because you can download free games every day and have a new game to play. Downloadable games are the most fun with friends so you can also have your best buddies download the games to their computers and you can play together over the internet or via chat or even play together in the same home or room with family and just about anyone that likes to play games,

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Shop online for your uniform scrubs and lab coats

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May 202011
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The economy hasn’t improved as much as most of us would hope for and the time has come to buckle down on expenditures whenever possible. My wife has taken the lead with buying more of our household goods and consumables online. She has been surfing sites like Amazon and Ebay for the best deals online for commodities such as toys and games for the kids, clothing and even bulk groceries in an attempt to bring down the total cost of running our families.

As a nurse she is fairly used to making do with what you have and she is taking things she learned at work and using them to streamline the finances in our home. As an example the medical facility where she works recently suggested they all take a look at purchasing uniform scrubs from because the local company was actually jacking up the price while others in the industry were dropping them.

It’s worked well for us and it sure seems like we’ll be sticking with these sort of online savings games as we do our best to make ends meet. I have noticed that even our children are watching how they spend and it must be better for them to see us mind our money and financial situation so closely. I do not want our kids to grow up as irresponsible consumers and spenders.

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Top online casino information for your review

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Jan 222010
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Everyone loves a good game but the rise of online games and casino sites has proven just how much fun we love to have while surfing the web for house. Free online casino games are all the rage on the web and finding a website with the top casino games reviewed seems simple enough until you realize so many of these online casino sites are scams tied to illicit markets and what not.

Online casino information may be readily available but finding it from a trusted source can be the trick. offers the latest casino game reviews with tips and guides for playing the top casino games such as poker, roulette and of course blackjack.

The amount of information they offer is astounding really and the depth of their articles and reviews shows they really understand the online casino business. Don’t get taken for a ride online and do the research before you commit to placing bets on the web by checking out the great information about online casinos at for more details.

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World of Warcraft accounts for sale

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Jan 142010
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The rise of virtual communities and the incredible growth of online gaming has been something of an amazement to me. Humans seem to want to live along together in happy harmony with each other in the real world but it seems to work so much better for so many of us in the virtual world.

I’ll be honest I don’t know anything about World of Warcraft except that it is huge and the fan base of 12 million plus users is dedicated to the worlds most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to the level of extreme in some cases. When I found that you can sell WoW account for as much as $1,500 for players like the Level 80 Male Tauren Druid I was blown away. I don’t know what it takes to get to that level but it playing this game is half as fun as many of the other online games I have played then it’s got to be worth the cash if you can sell a WoW account for that kind of cash.

Anyone have an idea how long it takes to get to that level? Is it something you can do in 3 months time? That’s an extra $6,000 per year in earngings from your play time. I guess you would need to know the total number of hours it takes to get to that level but the idea it sells is still awesome as I see it. Anyone here ever sell a WoW account?

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A list of the best keywords online

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Oct 292008
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New Zune Music – Mountain Mirrors

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Jun 012007
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Location: Fairhaven, MA, USA
Description: Heavy acoustic music from the woods of Massachusetts. Recommended for fans of Pink Floyd, Opeth, Alice in Chains or Porcupine Tree.
Biography: Mountain Mirrors started in the woods of Massachusetts with a Radio Shack keyboard, a four-track and a drum machine. Jeff Sanders, the man behind Mountain Mirror’s eclectic mix of psychedelic-laced folk, has been entranced by music as long as he can remember. A fan of all types of music, Jeff listened to metal artists like Anthrax and Metallica in his early teenage years but discovered esteemed songwriters like Nick Drake and Damien Rice as he grew older. It was this mix of influences that made Jeff realize that a musician need not be tied to one genre or another but rather to create music that they feel inspired by and in turn hopefully inspire others.

With his sophomore release, the self-titled Mountain Mirrors, Jeff explains that his influences go far beyond music, “I’m influenced by subjects I’m interested in just as much as this constant barrage of music. I love shows like “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Ghost Hunters,” “The Shield” and “The Sopranos”. Quentin Tarantino movies. Anything disturbing.” And so with song titles such as “Stay Evil”, “Your Time Has Come” and “Karmic Dogs” you might be surprised to find that the songs aren’t necessarily as menacing as they might seem., in a review of Jeff’s first album (Lunar Ecstasy), described Mountain Mirrors as “fit for poets, travelers and seekers” and it’s an apt description. Take, for instance the song “Stay Evil”; the song as Jeff describes it was written “about following a spiritual path and finding some enlightenment.” A perfect blend of insightful spirituality and eclectic arrangements make Mountain Mirrors a subtle and powerful listen.

Jeff started his musical journey surrounded by friends who also dreamt of a life entrenched in music. Jamming long into the night, the group of musicians were the bane of many neighborhoods Jeff recalls amusingly. “I was always terrorizing someone’s neighbors, jamming all day until we got kicked out. Then it turned into partying in the woods and talking about taking over the universe with our music.” His first band was named Thunderkiss, largely a cover band. Jeff enjoyed the friendship and the opportunity to perform but knew that writing original songs was the only way he could satisfy himself. He went through a handful of other bands, a combination of original and cover material included in the sets and decided to ultimately strike out on his own.

When Jeff created Mountain Mirrors it was merely himself and a handful of equipment, writing and recording all vocal and instrument parts. After his time spent in a variety of band set-ups it was only natural that he wanted to work solo but when recording began on the new self-titled release he was eager to include other musicians. The contributors include Elad Fish on drums, Claire Fitch on cello and Guy By-Tor on bass. “They’re phenomenal, absolutely sent from Heaven.” Jeff says. wrote of Mountain Mirrors, “”If you want your ass rocked off on every cut, or don’t want to be surprised, or don’t like exploring the space inside your skull, this is not the album for you. For those mental travelers who enjoyed “Lunar Ecstasy”, you simply will not believe how far Jeff Sanders has taken his music and what his bandmates (– this is a band!) add to the mix, and you really need to get this! And, if you aren’t familiar with his work, and if the idea of a swirling, lysergic, acoustic, dark, treacherously beautiful hybrid of pop and instrument appeals to you, this is definitely the first Mountain Mirrors album to get.” An undiscovered talent, Jeff Sander’s Mountain Mirrors takes folk and turns it on its spiritual ear.

Mountain Mirrors has just released their self – titled, second album via the internet. According to Jeff Sanders of Mountain Mirrors, “This time, I wanted to get away from the one-man-band thing…and hooked up with drummer/producer/keyboard player Elad Fish. Elad turned out to be sort of my George Martin.” Jeff works in a collaborative style with a variety of musicians including Elad Fish, cellist Claire Fitch, keyboard player Oren Selas and bassist Guy Bar-Tor. This all-acoustic album is a departure from Mountain Mirrors previous release which utilized Massive Attack / Portishead style drum loops as a backdrop to his dark, evocative and reflective sound.

The self-titled Mountain Mirrors was shaped by the varied interests of founder, Jeff Sanders. Jeff explains that this album encompasses a wide array of influences which include his favorite TV shows such as “The Shield” and the cinematic work of directors such as Quentin Tarantino. “Anything disturbing” as Jeff puts it. And so with song titles such as “Stay Evil”, “Your Time Has Come” and “Karmic Dogs” you might be surprised to find that the songs aren’t necessarily as menacing as they might seem., in a review of Jeff’s first album (Lunar Ecstasy), described Mountain Mirrors as “fit for poets, travelers and seekers” and it’s an apt description.

Take, for instance the song “Stay Evil”; the song as Jeff describes it was written “about following a spiritual path and finding some enlightenment.”

Mountain Mirrors signed on with Magnatune , an innovative, internet site which provides listeners with a great variety of indie music. Magnatune ( is a future-thinking all-digital internet label specializing in the sale of digital albums. They seek to be an antidote to “big label music”. Their motto is in fact “We are not Evil”.

Music fans can listen to full songs or albums, and then make the decision to purchase. The label is betting that the best way to get people excited about music is to let them hear it. Their entire catalog is available for easy music licensing for films, television, games, etc.

Besides digital downloads at Magnatune , physical CDs featuring full artwork by Jeff Gaither are also available at CD Baby and the Mountain Mirrors website. And soon also at all major digital stores, including iTunes , Rhapsody and Napster.

Link to the new Mountain Mirrors disc at Magnatune:

ABOUT Mountain Mirrors:
Jeff Sanders Mountain Mirrors started in the woods of Massachusetts with a Radio Shack keyboard, a four-track and a drum machine. Jeff Sanders, the man behind Mountain Mirror’s eclectic mix of psychedelic-laced folk, has been entranced by music as long as he can remember. Jeff credits influences ranging from 80′s thrash metal to the work of Nick Drake and Damien Rice. It was this mix of influences that helped Jeff realize that a musician need not be tied to one genre or another but rather to create music that they feel inspired by and in turn hopefully inspire others. He has released two albums to date and is signed with Magnatune Records.

ABOUT Magnatune®:
Magnatune® records is a revolutionary internet record label that operates on a “try before you buy” system. It’s the shareware model applied to music. They let you decide what to pay for a cd (as little as $5), they let you listen to the entire album in hi-fi quality for free, as many times as you want to, and they encourage you to copy it and give it to three friends. You can also license their music for commercial use. And no copy protection (DRM), ever. Artists keep half of every purchase. And unlike most record labels, they keep all the rights to their music. No major label connections.

For a limited time, Mountain Mirrors is giving away a free digital download of their “Lunar Ecstasy” CD with every album sale from Magnatune, CD Baby or You will recieve your download link usually within 24 hours.

“It is a perfect and delicious album to listen to and relax with a good glass of wine within reach.”
– 85 of 100, Lords of Metal

“The slightly folky acoustic guitars, sweet drum cadences, subtle keyboard sounds, and most importantly Sanders’ otherwordly vocals, when combined, do invite comparisons to names like Opeth, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, and even Alice In Chains’ unplugged material, but overall, the music presented on this disc is in a league all its own.”
Sea of Tranquility

“Mesmerizing, minimal, and sweeping, the music of Mountain Mirrors definitely leaves an impression. It is a sense of subtle Deja Vu; as I listen to this, I find myself wondering if I’ve traveled on the path this album conjures in my mind once or twice before. Sparse and hypnotic, this is the equivilent of a night full of surreal dreams. I can think of no other album I’ve heard this year more worthy of five stars. “
– Artist of the month review at

If you would like to review or podcast this CD, please email Teresa at Magnatune for your special credit card number to buy your own hi-fi copy at Magnatune. Here is Magnatune’s note to reviewers and radio stations.

Click here to read about Magnatune’s music licensing feature.


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Zune Artist Profile = Every Move a Picture

May 092007
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Childhood friends Brent Messenger (singer/guitar) and Joey Fredrick (bass) had been playing in various bands throughout the early 2000s (at times with drummer Dan Aquino), but Every Move a Picture wasn’t officially born until early 2004 when Allen Davis (guitar/keyboard) joined the band through a Craigslist posting.

Setting up in a friend’s rehearsal space and spending a grand total of $290, the band recorded three songs: “Signs of Life,” “Chemical Burns” and “12AM.” Suddenly they were blaring out of the radio in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The songs also filtered across the Atlantic to the U.K.−with XFM spinning the band’s tracks and Steve Lamacq playing “Signs of Life” on Radio 1.

Back home, the Every Move a Picture fan base was rapidly growing as they played various underground dance parties in lofts and bars, before moving on to San Francisco’s prestigious Popscene club, and support slots with the Kaiser Chiefs and Louis XIV.

Soon after, the band released the five-song EP Blink and You’ll Miss It, with those original three tracks along with two others (“You’re So Predictable” and “St. John’s Night.”) This made it into the hands of leading tastemaker Nic Harcourt on L.A.’s uber-hip KCRW station, who immediately took to the band’s energy, offering them their first live radio session. Next up, a slew of licenses for the band’s music, from TV shows such as One Tree Hill, to various computer games, as the band’s dance punk grooves were compared favorably to everyone from Interpol and The Rapture, to The Killers.

Before any official release appeared overseas, Every Move a Picture played their first U.K. gigs to overwhelming response. The London-based label Something in Construction then issued a 7″ containing the songs “Signs of Life” and “Chemical Burns,” which promptly sold out the week of release.

And somewhere amidst all this the 2005 Reading and Leeds Festival called, inviting the band for a slot on the Carling Stage. They also played the Live 105 B.F.D. radio festival in San Francisco alongside Foo Fighters, Hot Hot Heat, and Ash.

In July 2006, Every Move a Picture released their anticipated full-length debut album Heart=Weapon that you can preview and download on Zune Marketplace. You can also listen to their song “Signs of Life,” which is preloaded into every Zune.

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Zune games for everyone

Apr 032007
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Microsoft’s, Chris Lewis, stated that their main focus with the Zune phone was to allow people to connect and share music. The Zune and XBOX are integrated, so people can connect their Zune phone to it and play games. Although, games in the device itself are something they are considering. With the Zune phones 2 Mbps streaming, being able to game on it would be especially nice. Without that cool feature, the Zune phone would be just another MP3 player.

There are some people out there thinking that the Zune phone’s small physique wouldn’t be suitable for gaming. Well, that all depends on the person. Some people may enjoy its compact style. With the excellent streaming it provides, you would be sure to have a great gaming experience.

Microsoft isn’t foreign when it comes to video games since they have a team that works on PC games. Peter Moore, also with Zune, said they there should be games for the Zune within the next 18 months. This will definitely bring it up to par with the iPod, Microsoft’s well known rival. By this time, the iPod will have more than likely upgraded to its sixth generation.

With all of the great features the Zune us rumored to have, it would be great to add games onto the list. All of us have a fetish for them whether it be Pac Man, Tetris, Sims, or Halo. I really don’t think the Zune would make much of a first person shooting game, especially since a lot of controller buttons would be missing, but I say, “The more features the better.”

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