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2D to 3D converter software

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Oct 152011
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Have you had a hard time searching for a high quality 2D to 3D converter? Well look no further because we have found you the perfect 2D to 3D converter software application for all your video editing needs.

There are lots of 3D converter applications on the web but this 2D to 3D converter has all the features you need at the price you want to pay. Why spend 100′s or even 1000′s of dollars on expensive 3D software when you can download this software for so much less?

Check out these great features on this 2D to 3D converter software!

  • Convert any and all 2D videos into 3D video
  • Convert all video and audio formats
  • Burn all video and audio to DVD disc or ISO files
  • Download and record web video, such as download YouTube and Hulu
  • Transfer your optimized media files to your portable devices
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Anyone surprised that Microsoft and Sony are discussing Blu Ray for Xbox 360?

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Mar 072008
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I guess we all understand why the HD drives in the Xbox 360 are external components don’t we? Lots of people faulted Microsoft for making the HD drive an external attachment but it was obviously a smarter move than making the same drive an internal component wasn’t it? No one could know who would win the format war and Microsoft hedged their bets by choosing the HDDVD drive in partnership with Toshiba by making it an add on component that can easily be changed over for another drive in the future.

Making the 360 a modular system was smarter in many ways. It helps keep the cost of the base unit lower and gets more users on your consoles. This is a safer bet then the move Sony made by including the Blu Ray player in the Playstation 3 whereby they have priced themselves above many entrants to the market and made themselves a high end system trying to compete with more affordable consoles like the 360 or Wii. Sony is sitting pretty now that the format war is over but they took one hell of a risk by integrating the Blu Ray and had this format war gone the other way this discussion would more likely be about the death of Sony and the Playstation than it is about a potential partnership between 2 of the top 3 console makers in the industry.

Microsoft has no problem in shifting sides, gears or partnerships and they will gladly open up to a partnership with Sony and include a Blu Ray device for the Xbox 360 in the near future I am certain. Why else would they have built the 360 with an external drive connection? What other choice does Microsoft have even? They are not going to develop some other format are they? No. They have no other choice but to concede a portion of future HD drive sales to Sony for every 360 sold if they want their player to be compatible with the only HD format available any longer. Don’t they?

And what about Sony? Do you think they will keep the Blu Ray a proprietary system and force Microsoft to develop an alternative or do you think they will settle for a slice of all HD drive sales on future Xbox units by establishing the Blu Ray as the HD standard for all game platforms? Do you think they want to risk the victory they have just claimed as the only HD format available? No. Sony will gladly take a piece of HD drive sales on Xbox because they know that at some point in the future all HD players will be Blu Ray and Sony will make money on every game console their competitors sell.
Sony Reportedly Discussing Blu-ray Xbox With Microsoft

Sony turned to Microsoft for a possible Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360, a senior executive told the Financial Times yesterday. On one hand, Microsoft has always supported the HD DVD format, which is now dead and buried, while Sony said they wanted to adjust to the consumers’ needs. After all, if we think of it, as there is no more HD DVD, what can the two companies do but talk?Everyone is curious to know how this collaboration would materialize in terms of prices, as Sony has kept a pretty high price tag on its Blu-ray so far. The question is: is Sony ready to give up the advantage the PS3 has now over Microsoft’s Xbox 360? As it appears, they’re nor afraid of a little competition, and that’s not all, as Sony will also get some great revenue from a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360.

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Zune MP3 Download – Ayme Sanchez

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Jun 052007
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Ayme Sanchez
Ayme Sanchez


– Beth Feinstein-Bartl

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New Zune Music – Ghost in the Machine

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Apr 292007
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http://cdbaby.com/cd/gitm4 now and will be available soon at Amazon.com and digital download services such as iTunes.

GITMs “Invincible” recieves an honorable mention in the 14th Annual 2005 Billboard World Songwriting contest!

GITMs “Invincible” is a Top 20 finalist in 2005 Unisong International Songwriting contest! Competition was fierce, but “Invincible” stood out from the pack.

Several GITM songs including “Rodeo”, “Second Coming (Trail mix)” and “The One You Love” have received featured genre placements and been claimed residence in the Top 10 of the charts at Garageband.com.

Some GITM song placements for 2006:

  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in “Power Rangers Mystic Force”
  • GITMs “Backlash was featured in MTV’s “Making the Band IV”
  • GITMs “Rokstar” was featured in MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”
  • GITMs “Revolution” and “Rokstar” were featured in HGTV’s “That’s Clever”
  • GITMs “Redemption” was featured in The Discovery Channel’s “Conspiracy Files”
  • GITMs “Standalone” was featured in The Discovery Channel’s “The Bourdain Experience: Food & Loathing in Las Vegas”
  • GITMs “Second Coming (Trail mix)” was featured in The History Channel’s “History of Hell: The Devil’s Domain”
  • GITMs “Redemption” was featured in YES’ “YES Ultimate Road Trip”
  • GITMs “Backlash” was featured in NBC/TLC’s “Maximum Disclosure”
  • GITMs “Standalone” was featured in The Travel Channel’s “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”
  • GITMs “Death’s Second Self” was featured in VH1′s “Big in 2005″
  • GITMs “Rokstar” was featured in VH1′s “Kept”
  • GITMs “Rokstar” was featured in MTV’s “MTV Presents: The World of Aeon Flux”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in MTV’s “From Game to Fame: The CPL World Tour Finals”
  • GITMs “Backlash” and “Death’s Second Self” were featured in VH1′s “Breaking Bonaduce”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in Spike TV’s “Video Game Awards Show”!
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” and “Rodeo” were featured in VH1′s “Best Week Ever”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in MTV2′s “WildBoyz”
  • GITMs “Wish” was featured in A&E’s “The Secret Life of Vampires”
  • GITMs “The Shepherd” was featured in an episode of MTV’s “Room Raiders”
  • GITMs “Embrace” was featured in the Discovery Health Channel’s “Strictly Sex with Dr Drew”
  • GITMs “Redemption” was featured on BEST BUY’s Serenity DVD
  • GITMs “Everyone is Dead” and “Garden of Stone” were featured in MTV’s “NEXT”

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New Zune Music – The Fith Syndrome

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Apr 042007
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Description: Driving Guitars, Phat Bass, Thumping Drums and a Diverse Vocal Assault … need we say more!
Biography: Since the turn of the millennium the Gold Coast music scene has undergone some serious changes. Live venues disappeared to make way for poker machines and pill popping DJ’s, and as for the bands, well where do I start, they come and they go, line-ups change, friends become enemies and a lucky few become rock stars, or at least think they do. Amongst all the turmoil there is one thing that has stayed true, THE FITH SYNDROME (T.F.S.).

Formerly known as FACELESS, Mike Litfin (Vocals), Andrew Glinster (Guitar), Brett Gabriel (Bass) and Dave Lambert (Drums) have in the past 6 years co-written, produced and recorded two fully self funded EP’s including “Stare Inside My Mind” (2000) and “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome” (2004), as well as over 20 new tracks which are yet to be released. T.F.S. have also appeared on several compilation CD’s including “Visibility  A Visible Noise Sampler” (2001), “Krankit 01” (2001), and “A Taste of our Rock Hard Lyx” (2004). They have also ventured into the world of video with soundtrack appearances on the “Surf & Travel Australia Vol.1 Video” (2001) and the “Risk Assessment Moto-X DVD” (2004).

“Stare Inside My Mind” was the debut release for T.F.S. (then known as FACELESS), showcasing the intent and direction of their nu-breed metal. The EP delivered a mix of raw guitars, phat bass lines, thumping beats and a brutally diverse vocal assault. Recorded by close friend and former KOIL front man Chris Urquhart, the “Stare Inside My Mind” EP was recorded in 2 days and entirely self funded by T.F.S. They released a small run of 500 copies which sold out very quickly at live shows and local music stores.

In Mid 2002, T.F.S. (still known as FACELESS) headed back into the studio with well known Australian Metal producer Dave Leonard at Modern Music. They recorded and mixed 10 tracks in 8 days then selected six of them for a follow up EP release. The tracks where then mastered by Steve Smart at Sydney’s 301 Studio. In early 2004, after months of live shows, promotions and preparations the EP was released nationally through MGM Distribution under the title “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome”. The EP showcased the growth of the band with its variations of styles, mixed emotions and musical creativity.

Since the release of “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome EP” the band has gained a lot of attention from record labels within Australia and the USA. In Mid 2005 the band signed an international distribution deal with Sonic Wave International (USA) to re-release “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome EP” worldwide. After researching the American record industry the band discovered that FACELESS was quite a popular band name in the USA, and after some strict legal advice the band changed there name to the title of the 2004 EP The FITH Syndrome. In January 2006 the EP was released worldwide under the name of the opening track “Self Inflicted”. Shortly after, the band signed a management deal with Shawn Barusch of Hollowpoint Management (USA) who is working with the band to embark on a tour of the U.S.A. later this year.

For more info please visit: http://www.thefithsyndrome.com
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Zune MarketPlace Artist Profile – Thomas Dolby

Mar 272007
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Zune.net | Thomas Dolby – Artist Profile Page

For over two decades Thomas Dolby Robertson has combined music and technology to great effect. The advent of MTV brought Dolby his initial exposure in the early 1980′s. His intelligent videos stood out from the pack, and his songs “She Blinded Me with Science” and “Hyperactive” became huge hits that have stood the test of time. His keyboard and production work put him in the studio with the likes of David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Foreigner, Joni Mitchell, and George Clinton. Numerous awards and five Grammy nominations later, Dolby had achieved worldwide recognition as an artist.

Recognizing the opportunities for digital distribution of music via the Internet as early as 1994, Thomas became a spokesman for a generation of musicians eager to change the entrenched business models of the music industry. He was determined to make music a core component of the emerging World Wide Web. His startup company Beatnik wrote the audio layer of Java and created the first interactive music sites on the Web.

Now retired from Beatnik, Dolby is musical director of the annual Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference, and has returned to the stage taking his one-man Sole Inhabitant Tour around the U.S. and Europe. He released a live DVD and CD of the tour on Nov. 14, 2006. Dolby will play the famous SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, in March 2007, while preparing material for his next studio album.

Download the music of Thomas Dolby on Zune Marketplace today. Check his tour dates and watch him live at SXSW.

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Xbox marketplace

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Jan 292007
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I had a few folks over this weekend to test out the HD downloads from Xbox Marketplace (yeah, I know how to party!) I wanted to see what the experience was like. Overall, I was pleased. The selection was pretty good and it was easy to use my points to buy the file. It took 6+ hours to download, but I started it the night before so it was no big deal. It hung up at 68%, but I just started it again in the morning and it finished in about an hour.

As for the video itself, the encode was very good. During playback, it seemed to drop frames in the beginning. I’m chalking it up to a slow HDD rather than a poor encode. Either it stopped dropping frames part way through or I stopped noticing it. Either way, I doubt most consumers would care. I’m told the HD-DVD drives do not have that issue, but I’ve not been able to try it out yet (hint, hint Scott).

Would I do it again. Yes. there are some drawbacks. The main one is you have to plan in advance, but since they don’t expire for 2 weeks, it’s pretty easy to say I want to watch a movie this weekend and just fire it up during the week. I’ve not cross checked the titles available against Bluray or HD-DVD catalogs, but I bet they have things not available on either format. One last thing…I watched the Decent. That had to be the worst movie of 2006. I previously thought The Day After Tomorrow was the worst movie I have seen. this might just replace that.

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Ditching DRM

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Jan 272007
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Ditching DRM

You’ve got to feel a little sorry for the Zune team over at Microsoft. The notion of an “iPod killer” may be as tough to sell as a “Windows killer.” They came late to a music player scene that’s already shaken out the weak competitors. They’re pushing Windows Media formats, but people demand MP3 über alles. With Apple’s iPhone mobile media wunderkind announced just before the expected uptick in Zune sales, the timing couldn’t have been worse. To top it all off, reviews of the Zune have mercilessly flogged the almost-cool features crippled by digital rights management (DRM).

DRM has been grabbing headlines of late, not only because of its hindrance to new products and technology such as the Zune — with its three-day self-destruct for wirelessly transmitted music and the slow smothering of the PlaysForSure program — but for DRM’s increasingly apparent general futility. To wit: like every scheme before it, the AACS DRM built into the new Blu-ray DVD format was cracked a few days ago. This, only a month after its sibling HD-DVD fell to a similar technique that extracts encryption keys from the media. As one headline put it, “Blu-ray joins HD-DVD in pile marked ‘owned.’”

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