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Just how big is Apple Inc.?

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Jul 182012
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Apple Inc. is a very well-known company today that manufactures countless innovative and popular products. Just how big is Apple Inc.?

Apple Inc. is the largest publicly traded company in the world in terms of market capitalization. Apple’s sales in 2011 totaled over $120 billion, which is more than the GDP of over 160 countries, including New Zealand. In the first three days following the release of the iPad, Apple sold eleven iPads per second, or over 40,000 every single hour.

In 2011, Apple Inc. reported that they had $82 billion in cash-on-hand, which was a higher figure than the government of the United States! Apple subsequently announced that they were to begin paying out a dividend to their stockholders of approximately $2.65 per share. All told, this dividend program amounts to Apple paying out approximately $10 billion to their shareholders per year These numbers help give you an idea of how massive the world’s biggest company really is.

Source: Best Computer Science Degree

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Why get a case for your iPad?

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Oct 152011
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Why get a case for your iPad

To communicate effectively the iPad 2 is a necessity and a must have in today’s communication environment. It takes photos shares the internet with a different device. It’s a very delicate device and can easily break from the impact of a fall. In order to avoid this you need to invest in iPad 2 cases. What to consider in buying iPad 2 cases?

Usage and aesthetics features

When buying a case for your iPad 2 you should consider how usable the case is and what extra features the case comes with. For example there cases able to activate features like sleep / wake up capabilities. For aesthetics buyers can chose between leather cases or polycarbonate plastic cases with both available in various colors.

Types of iPad 2 cases

Hard shell grip cases: This are made from hard plastic and they ensure that the iPad is not only protected from the back but from the sides as well and come in different colors.

Folio cases: come in leather and fabric material they have a flap and look like a binder. Due to the flap they are able to protect the screen.

Sleeve: Made from Neoprene material the sleeve is popular during travel. This is because the iPad cannot be used when it is in the sleeve.

With a wide variety of cases to choose from no one has a reason not to buy iPad 2 cases.

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Jailbreaking your iPhone is now legal

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Jul 272010
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Jailbreaking your iPhone is now legal despite all the efforts of Apple to criminilize customization of your smartphone. Although they have not actually attacked a consimer for jailbreaking their iPhone they have put up quite a bit of money to stage the legal battle they just lost. Apple has insisted they could use the DMCA to issue a warning to any jailbreak user but the US government stepped in and said if youi buy the iPhone you own the iPhone and you can hack it.

Have you hacked your iphOne or Zune player?

U.S. Government Says Jailbreaking iPhone Is Legal – ABC News

Federal regulators lifted a cloud of uncertainty when they announced it was lawful to hack or “jailbreak” an iPhone, declaring Monday there was “no basis for copyright law to assist Apple in protecting its restrictive business model.”
PHOTO Federal regulators lifted a cloud of uncertainty when they announced it was lawful to hack an iPhone.
The iPhone 4 is shown in this file photo. Federal regulators lifted a cloud of uncertainty when they announced it was lawful to hack an iPhone.

Jailbreaking is hacking the phone’s OS to allow consumers to run any app on the phone they choose, including applications not authorized by Apple.

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Zune MP3 Download – Kill Miss Pretty

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Jun 022007
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Kill Miss Pretty

Kill Miss Pretty

MP3: Kill Miss Pretty — Negative Creep

Kill Miss Pretty will be bringing cool, electro-punk sounds to its latest gig, a Freezer Party on Miami Beach.

Exactly what’s up with the chilly reception? Russ Rogers, the band’s co-founder and guitarist, said that’s for fans to figure out when the costumes and props are unveiled July 13 at Electro-a-Go-Go at the Marlin Hotel, 1200 Collins Ave.

KMP was formed last year, with Rogers joined by his wife, Alicia, on vocals, and bassist Martin Davis. Rogers promises that each show will have a different theme.

The band’s debut concert May 26 at Gumwrappers in Fort Lauderdale was a down-the-rabbit-hole affair with members wearing Alice in Wonderland-style outfits.

Rogers also plays guitar with the Numb Ones, with guitarist James Coyle and drummer Phil Tucciarone. They released their first CD of catchy heavy-rock tunes, Everything in Between, in September on Cleopatra Records.

KMP is set to release an indie CD this fall. Download the MP3 music files online. Unlike the Numb Ones, Rogers describes Pretty’s beat as having more of a dance element, with delectable grooves similar to the Faint and Jucifer, and Fugazi-tinged razor guitar.

“My wife and I are very creative,” Rogers said. “We love download music and it’s something we can do together. The fact that people can listen to it and dig it, that’s all the better.”

KMP is expected to hit the stage around 11 p.m. at the Marlin. Contact 305-604-3595 or

Info:, and

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Zune MP3 Download – Datasoco

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May 112007
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– Beth Feinstein-Bartl

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Zune Phone – Trouble Brewing?

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Apr 062007
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While rumours of a Zune Phone have long been circulating on the internet (and its seems inevitable that it will happen), Microsoft have denied that a Zune phone is imminent, despite the fact that a consortium led by Microsoft, Google, HP and Dell have filed submissions with the US authorities. The filing relates to a wireless handled internet access phone (VOIP) and is sure to prompt a war of words with the likes of Apple, and their high profile iPhone.

While Apple have stolen an early march on their competitors, many suspect that they do not have the fire power to make a real impression in the market, with much of their power being taken by the telecom companies with who they must tie up with. When you compare this to the proposed Microsoft consortium VOIP phone, which does not require telecom assistance, then we seem set for a battle.

Even though Microsoft have denied that a Zune phone is imminent, they have done too much ground work for this not to happen in the future. It is more likely that Microsoft will use the proposed consortium device to perfect the technology, as the Zune brand is too valuable to be associated with sub-standard technology.

This powerful consortium has the potential to snatch a large portion of Apple’s market share, and the recent court ruling in the MP3 market, whereby Microsoft were order to pay damages with regards to MP3 technology does not bode well for Apple. While it seems a little unfair that Apple have opened new markets with their iPhone and iPod, they are really under pressure from the likes of Zune, which has a growing client base and the Microsoft marketing machine behind it. There is real concern about the long term future of Apple as their main markets become ever more crowded.

There is also strong speculation that the telecom companies are running scared, as the rumoured Zune VOIP phone is sure to take away a large portion of their market. While they are unlikely to sit back and take this lying down, they may look to tie up with the likes of Microsoft, leaving Apple further and further in the cold. The Zune looks set to cause major waves in the telecom industry, and we are likely to see a major change on the corporate landscape over the coming years.

Microsoft seems to have it all at the minute, internet access, content, software and a growing client base in the shape of Zune users. While the product may initially have received luke warm reviews there is no doubt that momentum is starting to grow, and the constant drip feed of rumour and counter rumour from the Microsoft marketing machine is having an effect. Consumers are now starting to see the purchase of a Zune as an investment in the future, and a doorway into the inner workings of Microsoft.

Zune is set to be the base for the future of Microsoft’s portable services, and this does not bode well for competitors such as Apple who are struggling to keep pace.

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Zune April Fools?

Apr 022007
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Yesterday I announced the second winner of our Free Zune Giveaway and since it fell on April Fools Day I decided to have some fun with the announcement. Giveaway winners are posted in the forum and I announced the topic to every registered member with the misleading title “You won a Free Zune from” which I thought was funny but I guess one or two of you didn’t. One guy cursed me pretty bad actually but he appears to have issues. Not all Zuners are cool It seems.

I had some fun yesterday just checking some of the other April Foolishness and saw the fun Google and Slashdot had with it. Late last night I read a story on Slashdot that caught my eye. titled “Zune – Set for a revamp

Microsoft’s Zune was released in the US in November 2006 and sales have been disappointing so far, in fact except for the launch week there’s been no week where the Zune has sold over 1000 units. A lot of problems with the Zune are caused by perception (a lot of people think they’re only available in brown), pricing (same price as an iPod – people will only pay a premium for the market leader) and the defective by design wireless sharing which adds bulk to the product without providing any useful purpose. The roll out to the rest of the world has been temporarily suspended while Microsoft finalize plans for the Zune 360 bringing them parity with their successful Xbox line of consoles. As yet, no information has been leaked so we have no pictures of this new product, but it is planned to be released in June and in a break from typical Microsoft style of announce plans early and often they’ve decided to follow a more secretive Apple style approach. Still, it’s amazing what information you can get out of a Microsoft rep if you feed them 10 bottles of Duvel, for some of them 2 bottles will even do.

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Zune Marketplace is awesome

Mar 272007
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The greatest thing about the Microsoft Zune is the amount of music you have at your fingertips. With more than 2 million tracks available, Zune represents every genre of music for those who crave diversity. Not only is the large selection of tracks one of the biggest perks, but the most noteworthy part of Zune is its partnership with Billboard. With this partnership you can bring back those memorable songs from the past with six decades worth of songs to choose from.

The benefits do not stop there as Zune not only offers great selection but with Zune, you are able to play music files, display videos and images, and receive FM radio, as well. The Zune also has the capacity to connect wirelessly and via the Xbox 360.

The Zune is an entirely new market for Microsoft has gotten much criticism and does not have the cult following of Apple Computer’s iPod. However, Zune’s biggest competition out there, iTunes, is giving the newcomer a run for its money. iTunes, released in 2001, used primarily for organizing digital music and video files, is a name even the technologically challenged can identity.

When it comes to Zune, many people are still unaware of its existence. The biggest problem for Zune is the lack of exposure it is receiving. If you were to ask your average consumer about Zune, a dumbfounded look is what you might get. Apple’s five year start is partly responsible for its major success. It has had ample time to perfect its technology, yielding maximum performance and profitable sales.

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