Jul 282012
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With the success of its hot new tablet the Kindle Fire, Amazon is trying to find even more ways to cash in. Turns out, more advertising dollars is always a win.

When you turn on your Kindle, you may see your Welcome screen. Soon your Welcome screen will be the home for some advertisements. The ads are selling to companies for the hefty price tag of $600,000, and each ad campaign can be seen on the screen for two months.

Will I See Ads on my Kindle?

Ads for businesses that sell everything from clothes to SEO services may not be seen on the Kindle Fire you already have. Newer versions of the popular tablet could be seen as early as this summer, which will most definitely include the updated advertisements as well as Fires that are newly purchased.

It could be a concern for users who already have a Fire to have their familiar reading experience disrupted by unfamiliar ads, but new purchasers of the product could be anticipating such and be prepared for the ads, never knowing an ad-free Kindle Fire experience. This could be a good way for Internet marketing companies to reach a different type of audience and demographic.

Tablet Ads are Nothing New

The Apple model of the tablet, the iPad, has already succeeded with its onscreen advertisements, so this isn’t anything unique or unusual for Amazon to implement on its Kindle devices.

Supposedly, Amazon will maybe try to copy Apple’s ad structures to hopefully receive some of the same success and even gain more revenue from the ads. Since the Kindle Fire is a more affordable tablet option for users, its possible the ads will reach an equal or higher demographic.

The cool thing for advertisers about taking out ad space on the Kindle Fire is the wide reach of the audience involved. There really isn’t a target demographic when it comes to Kindle users, so the reach won’t be as narrow as some advertisers would like, but it is a good opportunity to reach a varied audience.

Will it be Successful?

It’s possible purchasers of the Fire won’t be pleased with ads on their screen every time they power on or off their device. It’s unknown how distracting the ads will be, but one of the perks of using the Kindle Fire versus other tablet devices is the absence of these advertisements. In fact, it’s one of the selling points of the device.

In light of that, this new venture to bring ads to the Kindle Fire may not be user friendly or welcomed by consumers. And will there be an ad-free Fire available for purchase? More details about this will be forthcoming this summer with the new Fire coming out.

By guest blogger Michelle, who specializes in writing about advertisements on tablets, such as the Kindle Fire, and SEO services.

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